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Pretty good, right? It's okay yeah. Yeah Philly Peter. Good for Ya, he got a blank check because the people who had been influenced by him, right? We're like come on, right. and. Things that ripped him off or becoming big hits. Yeah, like Shaun of the dead, or whatever, and like so like an Felix, the apotheosis of that like. Fangoria type you know Phantom Right. There's a lot more of that out there at that point, the Internet and the. Cool News of the world. Right like there's this sort of reverence for these old genre. Guys that I don't know it's just funny that that movie was such a big deal. He been canonized more than he had in a while the dawn of the dead remake him out the year before, and that was such a big hit. He was supposed to direct the resident evil. The first movie like he kept on getting fired off bigger films, and then all these filmmakers who had been influenced by him got big, and then like the online like nerds fear was like are going to let Romero actually make one of these movies. Then they saw it. They got really hot on it and the other things done well that they were like. We're so confident about this. We're going to pull up the release date. This was gonna be a Halloween Ruby, and now we're releasing in. June and it was a horrible decision. That was a bad decision. They definitely should not have done. They got wait. I wasn't insane thing to do. Yes, because it made twenty million dollars way more than any other dead movie, but still like it. Twice as much pct so one of the movies in the top ten. Madagascar your favorite. Revenge the Seth my favorite favorite. the longest yard. Which of course is your favorite The adventures of shark boy and lava girl in three D which might be your favorite. Legitimately pretty good money, and then Ron Howard's Cinderella man, which is just like. The most like a movie, right? Outta ten thing. We watched that in my AP. US history class to learn about the Great Depression. Great Look. That is definitely that movies greatest asset for society as an educational tool. Some other movies Oh my God no opening at number twelve this week on three hundred and fifty two theaters is Dave Lush apell's rise the documentary about cramping who? Is there anything more two thousand and five bad. I saw that in theaters. It was pretty good. Do, you remember. Seeing that first teaser for Cinderella, man that was mostly just the voice over narration of him in the press conference over like slow motion imagery from the movie and I forget they used the score from some other big prestige moves. Sure sure over. Oh you know what it is. It's the one track from the credits of Castaway, which is so good the one Alan silvestri credits track from castaway which rules. Because there's no score in the movie proper. But that trailer is just like his voice over the Great Depression, like handsome August imagery, and then like from Academy Award winner. Ron Howard an academy award winning writer. Akiva Goldsman Academy Award Winner Ron Russell Crowe Academy Award. Winner Renee Zellweger and then G. is the one guy who hadn't gotten Oscar Annoy. Can I tell one really quick Akiva Goldsman story, please. It's the shortest I'm so sorry. I was a freelance. Writer in. New York at the time and I I was writing movie reviews for Marie. Claire and I was working on a piece about like the Stephen King Renaissance that was happening and. I think it. Keep producing like the man in the in the the movie. Dr Our. Yes. Yes, it earlier I had seen. A transformer transformers the last night. write a review about that And that was the only transformers movie I had ever seen, so I went and told a ton of sense. If you're watching, I had never been more flabbergasted via movie. It was truly a nightmare. AKIVA Goldsman did the story of that movie. Clock that he had the story credit because he ran the writer's room. They were like we're going to treat the next ten transformers movies like it's a season of television. Yeah, he's the show runner in terms of generating ideas and they put ten people in a room with them. We're all overqualified, so this movie was awful and baffling, and maybe the worst I've ever seen in the theater and. And I was interviewing. Akiva goldsman about something else and just really quickly at the end, and can I, just I just have one question about transfers the last night. Did it turn the way you wanted it to i? Know with these big projects. You know they go through. Was it your original vision? And he goes I. Don't know how it turned out. I never thought well well. I thought great. It's. It's it's the Michael. CAINE question where they ask him why he did jaws the revenge, and he said I haven't seen it by all accounts. It's a horrible film, but I have seen the weekend house I bought with them by all accounts. It's wonderful. And that of course is. Bewitched own. Michael King. and then we're done unless anyone has a take on the perfect man starring Hilary Duff Netherlands locklear. It's a blog now. It's premise for movie. It's a movie and what your daughter Catfish is her own mother to make. They try to make the guy from superstore I think the romantic lead a young And Feldman. Deny remember interest. I remember even watch. Times and thinking. nope. This is. My Dad once called because like he's so Jewish looking, and she's not that but I'm very. My Dad wants called me on the phone and told me that I needed to see the movie. Obvious child with Jenny slasher. And I quote my father. Her love interest is conventionally gentile handsome, and he thought it would be good for my self esteem. To See a Jew hooking up with Jake Lee. Who I believe, she refers to as like a Christmas tree. Yes, she's. Jake Lacy. Laundry movie. I do I do want very quickly. Say for those we don't know the premise of. The perfect man is hilary. Duff feels bad for her. Lonely had their locklear mother, so she catfish is her and online conversation. You save her. Own Mother Right, and then when her mother is frustrated, wants to meet the man person she hires Chris Noth to. Act Out the script. She writes for Him Cyrano style. Insane. Fall in love I, assume. Of course they'd have eventually. She's says she's flirting with her mom. You're. Yes great. Next thing with her mom. She served Dick Pic. One other thing is right is falling in love with a man who speaks the full intelligence of a fifteen year. Olds creative writing at work. One thing I shout out. Is that also march of the penguins opened this week on four screens I? Didn't I just noticed that and Sanguine Renaissance would end up grossing bewitch many times over what was the final total on bewitch?.

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