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John hand donate a hundred and for another hundred four anonymously Lou Kogan fifty John chamberlain fifty all weekend long it kept coming in as people remembered there if they're getting their stuff in order their bonuses of arrive whatever they're giving and I appreciate it so very much the other thing I want to do is tell you that over the Washington post posted my column again at the landing page one up on Saturday yeah and they gave it the title could Johnson in trump become the next Thatcher and Reagan and it's rolled up a thousand comments in I'm sure thirteen hundred to be exact and when you're going to be surprised they're all very positive just of course there are I'm sure everybody's enthusiastic every time you have a new column up could Johnson trumpet come the next natural Reagan that's the column in it that you know I I don't want to bore you with thirteen hundred and seventy one kat comments but they're all basically yes I think that's gonna happen may I read it to you of course you may you landslides in politics are not exactly rare in modern Anglo American politics Lyndon Johnson and one in nineteen sixty four Richard Nixon had isn't seventy two Ronald Reagan had two of them in nineteen eighty and eighty four they are less frequent in Britain's parliamentary system with two standing out Margaret Thatcher stunning nineteen eighty three victory giving the concert as a majority of a hundred and forty four in Tony Blair's new labor earthquake of nineteen ninety seven resulting in his party having a hundred and seventy nine more seats in the conservative second notable category of democratic events are shockers we are well acquainted with Donald trump's twenty sixteen starter indeed I am I right the journal of American caution protocol like the National Football League most media pundits and certainly all of the never trump Republicans would still be in the blue tent muttering vaguely about not having seen it coming which leaves us wondering how do we classify prime minister Boris Johnson starting triumph on Thursday his new eighty seat majority in the house of Commons not quite as large as Thatcher's are Blair's in this is nevertheless enormous when measured against the narrow margins of a country whose politics have been deadlocked for a decade and for a variety of reasons almost no one saw it coming despite pulling that suggested a Tory majority of more than twenty in the United States only under Solomon in New York magazine alerting his readers to the tales of Johnson on the stump some of the toxic brew of Twitter league British media and eye catching it picks of large crowds an extravagant gestures combine into the British version of the melt way of that Manhattan beltway media bubble of two thousand and sixteen only so many professional pundits on both sides of the Atlantic with their jobs on the floor energy in the executive was prized by Alexander Hamilton I right he wrote that in federal is seventy and that means just been great in the job coming to work eleven to do the job like doing a radio show you have energy but you also have it on the campaign stop and Boris Johnson that in spades now I think there's a hope here that he can pull Johnson can pull a Thatcher in trump can be more of Reagan and less defensive in the next year in one of those reason you can read the whole column it watchin post dot com it's on the landing page one of the reason is because this economy is going crazy global stocks rising as China's economy shows brain gains washing pose U. S. economy shakes free of recession fears and striking turnaround since August there was no referred session here that was a.

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