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I'm Larry maggot with the connect safely report. I know a lot about online scams, but that doesn't make me completely immune. This week I got a phone call that appeared to come from my wife's phone number. They started with a woman's voice crying incoherently. In my mind, at that moment, it could have been my wife. Then a man came on the line, claiming that he was part of a group that had kidnapped her. He told me to bring $5000 to a Walmart parking lot to get her back. I knew about virtual kidnapping scams, but the combination of the phone number, hearing what I thought with her voice, and his knowing that she happened to be in San Francisco that day made it feel very real. I put the phone on speaker and called 9-1-1 from the other line so that they could listen, but it took 20 frightening minutes before I knew it was a scam. Details at connect safely dot org slash radio. With the connect safely report, I'm Larry maggot for CBS News. Alexandria is seeing more young people involved in violence and other criminal activity. Law enforcement leaders say they have a plan to try to tackle the problem. Looking at the latest crime numbers. There is an uptick with juveniles. And in response, Easton McDonald, Alexandria's assistant police chief says his department will launch a new effort that involves aggressive communication and community outreach. We've identified approximately 21 stakeholders that we are going to work with. He says the effort will include an increase in patrols and crime hotspots. The principal goal of the dynamic program is to achieve a substantial near term impact on gun violence. Alexandria mayor Justin Wilson. This is not entirely a police issue. This is a whole of community issue. Nick eying Ellie, WTO P news. A federal grand jury has indicted an Arlington doctor who allegedly distributed thousands of oxycodone pills without medical reason for nearly a decade. The indictment accuses 68 year old Kirsten vans steered ball of using a medical practice in her Arlington home to commit the crimes, she did so the indictment states with the help of her office manager 40 year old candy Marie calyx of front royal Virginia. Coming up on WTO the diet that draws praise from the American Heart Association. It's 9 43

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