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Major league baseball, as we, of course, get set for the Giants and snakes of it later this evening in the Arizona desert. That's and Yankees going to the eighth inning. It is 83, New York. Tom Smith three RB Brandon Nimmo, three hits for the Mets. That's her An interesting team Five games above 500 a slew of injuries. I mean big time injuries in the first half, and yet they have managed to not only stay afloat but remain in first place in what we expected to be a pretty good National League East. Um, I mentioned earlier. What a tough out. The Brewers are going to be in the postseason. Right with that Big three of Peralta and Woodruff and Corbyn Burns. How about the Mets? If if they get Noah Syndergaard back And you pair him with Jacob deGrom and the way Today's starter Taiwan. Walker's been throwing the ball Marcus Stroman as well, You know, Mets Mets become interesting. I know Sean in the other room. The Yankee fan doesn't want to hear it. But the Mets Very interesting as a postseason contender. From where I sit anyway. 83 that game in the Bronx at Yankee Stadium mid fifth. I believe in Toronto, or Excuse me in Buffalo. Raising jays are tied at one that is stripling former Dodger versus Shane McClanahan. Rain delay in Philly. As the Padres and fills way to get underway to nothing. After one in Detroit, the White Sox lead the Tigers. And Chicago, obviously one of the legit World Series contenders in the American League, No score, Cubs and Reds in Cincinnati, No score. Miami and Atlanta. No score Minnesota and Kansas City. So it's early. Just getting underway across the major league Baseball landscape will keep you posted on anything interesting along the way. Um, speaking of interesting Does Vegas know something that we don't when it comes to the 40 Niners and Trey Lance? We will dive into that with our good friend. Deter Kurtenbach. He joins us next Scot Reese with you on KNBR, These sports leader. This is KNBR today with the voice of the Stanford Cardinal Scot Reese on KNBR. One. Oh 45 and 68 sports leader. My world with Jeff Jarrett is all about his life in and out of the wrestling ring. There's something unique about our industry. John Wayne went and played a cowboy Bruce Willis or Tom Cruise. Hollywood's These guys are playing roles and then in the sporting world, LeBron James. He steps on the court. Michael Jordan, the best of all game face. Ours is so did this.

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