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With you on a no chill. Friday. Follow me on Twitter at Walsh freedom. If you miss his show. Catch the podcast, go to walshfreedom dot com slash podcast. Hey, there's a really really cool cool event coming up in Lake County, June fifth at the chain of lakes community bible church that I think everybody ought to know about into find out about it. I'm joined happy to be joined by pastor, Shawn Osbourne. He is the pastor at chain of lakes community bible church in lake villa. Hey pastor, Sean, thank you so much for joining me. I'm excited about this. I really want. I want to hear about it. And I want all of my listeners to hear about it. And I'm going to start with something pretty provocative. You have somebody called the machine gun preacher coming to your church on June fifth. Who is he what is this? Okay. Well, he is just to start on the actually the youth pastor here, but you got it. I got him shoulders. He is a former. Dealing biker and a shotgun by trade who got. Became a Christian dad yet. Short term mission trip out to sedan and south Sudan. And changed his life. He ended up. Started an orphanage right out there in the middle of a war zone. Right. We're Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army or right, which ring kids and ethnic cleansing and genocide out there. And so he's literally fade over a thousand kids from what would be. Destruction. And when kids are getting dumped it turned into child soldiers. He's he's taking these kids and giving them another chance at life that Sean. That's incredible. What how how did he transform like what what was the transformation? What what got him on this road? Well, it's interesting. He grew up in in in a Christian home. Good to good parents that he'll tell you this too. But he just decided to go the the relative drugs and alcohol and that biker lifestyle and got really really deep into it and became got hooked on drugs and was making a lot of drug deals and along with his wife was actually became a Christian. I she's a former stripper and Sam until he goes, she's still stripper. But she just trips for me. Now. So she got he became a Christian. I she kept trying to get fan to go to church and finally reluctantly went after he got into a severe bar fight it right uninvolved kill the guy with a knife kinds of stuff. So that was kind of us come to Jesus meeting and got bad guys. And there was the there was a missionary that South Africa. It said put his hands on him. I really see you going to Africa fan got live. Like, there's no way I'm going out there that they can get themselves out of that nest. And the missionary said we'll see two years later out there. Wow. He's been out there pretty much ever since there's still a bounty on his head. Really? Good that he that. He runs with that. He's he's fighting against butchers. And there's no law out there yet Hungle while everybody listening to me right now, the machine gun preacher Schimdt. Sam children is going to be at chain of lakes community bible church on June fifth in about a month will less than a month a great program. He's going to tell his story talk about his journey, and it'll be at Chena lakes community bible church again in lake villa. Sean. Where did he where did he get the name machine gun preacher? It was a name that was given to him. But from the people that were out there. So he's out running around. Yeah. Saving all these people. And he didn't even know what he was being referred to that. He was this. You know, was lone white guy out there. Right. And doing this thing and thinking that because he's always totally K forty-seven. You're the machine gun preacher. Wow. So in a bible on the other. So Sean talk about the events. So you're having Sam come to the church. Is anybody invited talk about the event now? Okay. So everybody invited it's free free outdoor event, and regardless of rain or shine. We have really serious, you know, bad weather will be indoors. But the is to have it outside. It's it's open to the public. Anybody and everybody is welcome. Sam will be taken a free will offering at the end of rights talk. Right. Every literally every penny is going to be going to his ministry's out while Africa while again the date on this event. Let me give you some details right now, it's June fifth. Parking opens at four thirty. The event begins at six thirty Sam will speak at seven thirty write this down. It's chain of lakes community bible church. That's at forty three west Gresley road in lake villa. Illinois, one more time Chena lakes community bible church forty-three, west grass lake road in lake villa Illinois, June fifth to hear the story. Just in amazing story, the machine gun preacher the life journey the transformation of Sam chillers, Sean. Do I have this right? Is there a movie that's being made about his life? There wasn't movie me. So in two thousand twelve okay was actually a navy chaplain on the US Port Royal and read a lot of books and Amazon kind of knows what I like him. I don't like and they made a suggestion. He might like this book another man's war by Sam silvers. Yeah. Got it. And I read it I read it again. And I was just reading about how often book was literally at the same time. I'm in Bahrain. We'd pulled into pork the movie and just come out and Sam says Tim played by Gerard Butler. I mean, oh, yeah. What? And so the movie came out of the data was supposed to be playing about rain way to go back out to see. So by the time we came back in from the new verse already done plane. So I didn't even get to see it until came out on DVD while phenomenal. It's a great story as awesome as the movie is it's not even half as awesome as the book because he's really living proof of second chances. And God bless you. Somebody who's going to go out there. And like Sam says you're not living on the edge or taking up too much space. Boy, I'll tell you what. Everybody listening right now in amazing free event that everybody ought to take advantage of June fifth here about here from the machine gun preacher Sam shoulders journey from a life of violent crime to war-torn eastern Africa where he's rescued over fifteen hundred children. It's all going to be at the chain of lakes community bible church in lake villa. Illinois, the chain of lakes community bible church. Church in lake villa Illinois forty-three west grass lake road, June fifth. We will talk more about this in the upcoming weeks. I'm going to be there. This is an event that everybody is gonna wanna make. Hey, sean. Thank you, my friend. Thanks so much for taking some time. Thank you very much. This is the Joe Walsh program, Joe Walsh. Former congressman?.

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