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Thinking that we're gonna discuss again next week and several different concepts special teams coaches and other coaches we even have one from a woman college coach chemo with concepts at our alternative but really exciting place well next week is now right now and kevin siefert of espn dot com quoting rich mckay and a handful of others who are involved in this that what they've come up way than what they plan on coming in to the the owners meeting later on this month is an idea essentially turning the kick off into a punt play and by that not putting punter out there but making sure the five yard headstart coverage teams always had a five yard headstart no more no more running head start they start right from their five players would need to be aligned on each side of the kicker all wedge blocks including two men double teams are out and eight of the eleven return team members would be lined up within fifteen yards of the d restraining line in blocking would be prohibited within those fifteen yards and no pre kick moshe in other words just like a punt where the coverage team and the blocking team are running down together that's what they want to recreate not running at each other running down to gather and i imagine that means three of the other blockers can be somewhere around the the receiver to or two blockers around the receiver because he's eleven men on the field to create some form of a lane for somebody to go running return for touching and make onside kick pretty difficult to.

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