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Not a large sample of work. But again, I, you know, you see other efficiency categories converting their downs, getting five and ten plus runs elusiveness forcing tackles he grades out all well and all of those categories. So he's the name to watch like him as potentially this year's Chris Carson last year, keep an eye on him, and then I'll say one more thing I, you know, I mentioned this a little bit. Before yards after contact. If you look back at the past like eater, so years, and you look at the top ten to twelve guys in yards after contact as rookies even on small samples. Like one hundred carries those guys tend to have decent or good careers. And on the other end on the other end of that, if they're really bad, they don't pan out like your Langford to match owns guys like that. Marla MAC is in that over the past eight years. He's in the top twelve in that yards after contact category. So three point eight, five yards per carry last year. You're going to see that and think while he wasn't very good but yards after contact is where he delivered. So that's an interesting tidbit there. And then of course you haven't hime Heinsohn the mix as well kind of a Torri Cohen, sort of change of pace guy. So a lot of guys battling if I had to pick one at their current ADP I'm going Wilkins late and hope for the best. Interesting. I mean, there's certainly possibilities there any figure. Andrew luck is going to cost them all to rise to some extent, just having more of a passing game to work with this gonna quit some opportunities for them running the football, and they're going to win more games. This was a team that was foreign twelve last year, and they're one of the things. Least I think are going to be a lot better in twenty eighteen. You want to cover the Seahawks. Yeah. Yeah. It's been a disaster the past few years. You don't wanna talk about the Browns. We can talk about whoever you want is I just like Rashad penny. So I I already kind of made this case right first round investment, all the hype, son, Chris Carson being the running with the ones. And again, I love Carson last year a lot, but you take a guy in the first round with all the holes they have on that roster. You want to use them. And I think he was going to be this year's Kareem hunt coming in anyway. Similar size, two hundred twenty pounds ran a four, four, six forty, not great, but but he dominates almost everywhere else. He led the the rush the NFL or the NFL maybe lead the NFL rushing this year cream hunted last year, led the nation in rushing last season at San Diego State, almost eight yards per carry best force, MS tackle rates and allusive ratings over a PF pretty much across the board of oil, negative FRANZ converted, their downs. I mean, the guy did it all. I just think he's gonna run away with it. I mean, that's the only concern there is offensive line. I don't care. I just I just worried about and I'm worried about them also not being as good in two thousand eighteen so worried about them. I mean, when all there at the top of the talent there is definitely there. I don't pennies towns at all, but you're, of course, we talked about the Browns finish up with the Browns. You're someone who is very high on the Browns or high on the upside of the Browns heading twenty eighteen, but they have a a backfield that is totally up in the air and you figure if they're gonna win a bunch of games, he was going to be more carriers to go around, but who do you see being the most valuable fantasy back for the Browns and twentieth. Yeah, I don't know if I may be upsides the word, but then again, I thought I was on the Jags last year and I thought they had lacked high ceiling right that they think high ceiling too. I thought they were gonna improve it. I thought they would be seven and nine eighty and think they would do what they did..

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