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Now dot com Promo CARDS Movie. Turned out to be a grave mistake. In the waters off Maryland's capital city. Police got a call of a casket bobbing up and down in the South River near Annapolis. There is a photo on it sure, looks like a casket, a rectangular object with flat sides and a curved top. Upon closer inspection. Authorities found it to be something else entirely and what it wass was a floating dock that somehow broke loose and floated away. Rich Thomason reporting. California Governor Gavin Newsom's declaring a state of emergency is temperatures climb into the triple digits throughout the Labor Day weekend. That declaration means that power plants will be able to operate beyond normal limits throughout the long weekend. Southern California is expected to be particularly hard hit. The National Weather Service in Los Angeles is forecasting dangerous heat surrounding states like Arizona, Utah, Nevada will also be dealing with uncomfortable temperatures. News and analysis at townhall dot com. I'm Keith Peters in Washington. Rescue workers are searching the rubble of a building that collapsed last month and Beirut's catastrophic explosion, hoping to find a survivor after a pulsing signal was detected this, its operation unfolding on the street, once filled with crowded bars and restaurants is gripping the nation. The idea, however, unlikely that the survivor could be found a month later has given hope to people following the live images on television wishing for a miracle. The fresh attempt began Thursday after a sniffer dog Long into a Chilean search and rescue team detected something on rushed towards the rubble. Rescue attempts continued Friday, but a scan from a camera shows no trace of humans from that street. So far, I'm Charles Ledesma, people throughout Lebanon today observed a moment of silence to mark one month since the devastating explosion. Yoga's Forthe blast Killed 191 people injured 6000 others and traumatized the people of Lebanon more on these stories at townhall dot com. Balance of nature changing the world. One life at a time. I just had a baby and I'm tired, but I could tell you this without balance of nature. There's no way I would have the energy they have right now. I've done so many different multivitamins and different things and on I have to definitely say balance of nature is the thing that's really, really helping me right now. Even listening to this, that these commercials and these testimonials and I'm like, Okay, whatever. But this is a product that actually could say Holy cow. I see results. Get a wide variety of all your daily recommended servings of whole fruits and vegetables without having to leave your home right now bounce of nature is offering free.

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