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Ten but other saying it's dozens now we do have these seven sick passengers and some crew members that were taken directly from that plane to Jamaica medical center, but we're hearing that dozens more showed symptoms WCBS news reporter, Dave Carlin 'cause apparently food poisoning. All the passengers have left the plane. CDC officials are there to help people figure out exactly what happened ten eighteen on KNX CHP has shut down a stretch of the three ninety-five highway the eastern Sierra Nevada because of a forest fire as it stands. Now, the road will stay closed at least until Thursday. Morning. There's a possibility state route one oh eight could be shut down as well. Depending on the fires direction. The so-called boot fire broke out yesterday afternoon at lashed worded burned about three thousand acres evacuations remained in place for at least three area. Campgrounds? Toyota recalling about one hundred ninety two thousand two thousand sixteen to twenty eighteen Prius vehicles. CBS news automotive analysts. John macelroy says there's an issue with the wiring harness were taken rub up against an area that could cause a short which might lead to a fire in embarrassment for Toyota. It is the world's leader in hybrid technology. These vehicles were all made in Japan, and for it to have a recall with this car is something of an embarrassment for the company Toyota has had problems with the Prius before in two thousand sixteen a recall to two million of the vehicles over issues related to their airbags and parking brakes. Michelle Obama is headlining the voter registration rallies later this month. On behalf of non-partisan voting organization that she co chairs organizers for the group when we all vote that the former first lady will host Las Vegas event September twenty third as well as a rally in Miami set for September twenty eight our NFL insiders report with the Rams hall of Famer Jackie Slater coming up in just about ninety.

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