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Welcome to let's talk about it with Taylor Nolan. I am your host Taylor. And today, I am in the city of Guelleh's and on -tario and here for a little wedding, my boyfriend Canada man is from wealth. So very awesome. And random to also get in contact with the guests that we're going to be speaking with today, who was recently on the base and babies podcast and found her through Liz, for my season, and her Instagram is the birds papaya. And she speaks a lot about self love and a lot about body positivie as a mom, and it was just very like loved her page and authenticity behind it. And so now we're sitting on her couch with dog. Doc who might snore through this entire episode. Take that as a soothing sound that it is. Yes, absolutely, thank you so much for, like welcoming me into your home for meeting with me today. I'm so glad this worked out. I find like such 'cause MC things happen. Like that, sometimes like the factor, even like when you said, like actually Ingui was like, wait, what nobody comes to usually, like, hey, and coming to where you are in. It's like Toronto still like a little hike down the road but wellness self. I'm pretty excited. You're here. Yes. Yeah. It's funny anytime I'm here. Or even like I was in Rockwood and, you know, I'll see people or get masters on Instagram. And everyone's like the first question is, like, what are you doing here avenue? I you here. It's like I'm excited you're here. But like why how does the company? Yes, we have cannon. Amanda, thank for that. But. No, I love qualif-. Like we went to the to the storm game. Oh my gosh. You brave little solo going out on that Senate. I can't do that. But we ended up on the kiss Cam last year. I was dying. It was funny because like we knew that it might happen. And my husband like goes to the bathroom, fixing his hair. Like taking. The thing. But wealth is like the original hipster, I it's such a hippie vibe mixed with a lot of people who commute Toronto's, that we have a lot of corporate as well. It is such a mix. It's such a beautiful community here. I moved away and I I love moving away everywhere. I've been is always so beautiful, but it's nothing. I always say, like nothing fits quite like a comfy pair shoes. And that is well for me. So I came back and settled here my husband's from I mean, ten hours away, and he came here for school and couldn't leave. So there's, there's something about this place. It's quite magical. So, yeah, I had no idea that it would be like hippy how it is and very like story. But every time we walk through the little downtown area. I'm like, okay, this shop a super cute. My, we need to go into this coffee shop. Like everything is just totally my vibe and. So important, here, local organic, like I'll allot a little shops thrive here. I remember there being a massive battle when like WalMart came into town because they were like, WalMart say, no, too big bucks. And I was like now like we'll be fine. And it's true because at the end of the day, we still.

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