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Did you see did you see the moment where he traps the ball like controls it and puts his foot on top coming. You'll hear it kind of. Avoided would. There we go. We go. By the way, breaking news. Adopt me were him sterling like how can you watch that video and not just smile? Oh, he looks like the best. I love him. What a dad father the year? Are you making this creepy? Adopt me off me the I want him to love me the way that he appears to love TI. I go in those clinical God, I have visions of you know, running in a nappy kicking balls around a mansion in Lanchester. I thought it was great. I just like so enjoyed watching it him with his son. Hugging him. Come. Celebrate. With me with me. Oh, beautiful. He's my TI goes the man of the match. But. Yeah, Rahim if you if you're listening come and get me, I can't wait for the Daily Mail headline for this. Well, I mostly collect pay rent. Rhyme, Starling allows child to Ronin house. Has world come to. Mikako parent Ryan sterling leaves topless child in video. Phil find a way. No that won't not on this one looks like just an awesome, dad. Just enjoyed it is impossible to watch that video smile star across. I was. I was at home. Now, that's a wound year old. So I'm at home. But my niece who is two and a half. Her technique is terrible. Yeah. It's so disappointed. The problem viewer embarrassed. She can't trap it. Her crossfield pass is dreadful. She's poor. She's a poor player. And she announces when the poo was coming. Speaking of which I just got note actually earlier today to Jack pooped on the potty. And that is a first. So we are celebrating. Yeah. That's a big deal in the gun house. God is huge. You know, what else is the length of this podcast? I don't even know what to say. If you're still listening. I apologize for for infecting your day. The way that we have with so much content. We also have another podcast out. I don't even know if you have time to listen. But if you do it would be appreciated stop grovelling weaving exit here, I'm taking this from here on we have an excellent podcast with grant wall, which completely sets you up for the year in US soccer that is a head twenty-ninth. We talk about all aspects of it. He's excellent. He gives his insight on Christian -peutic. It's so good. Also what you should do. If you've got to the end of this podcast, which Andrew doesn't believe you how we have a target. Well, I've attack it we need to get a thousand reviews on I tunes. And then what just we'll pop the bottles. We'll celebrate like it's nineteen ninety nine well this. So if you can go on live, leave us a review that would be awesome guys. Well, by the way. Yeah. People crying out for more content from most and you refuse to deliver. I'm when you refused to deliver. I'm sitting here, aren't I when you finally do just moan it's because it's me I feel like I'm imposing I feel it's too much. I know people, and I know they they look at how long this podcast was when they downloaded it and they rolled their eyes. I can't you're you're I know that your ideal push notification system on people's phones for this podcast, would you're would be your head. Popping up and going. It's pretty long, and you don't probably wanna listen if you click on my face now, you can listen to the podcast, but you know, don't go don't don't go to any trouble. Don't you know me? So. Well, yeah. Actually, you know, what forget it. And then you disappear. You're right. You're right. Well, hey, this was fun. I hope it was at least a little therapeutic for you more soccer action this weekend with the magic of the FA Cup to you. I say. Bossia take care. Listening to caught off side soccer podcast..

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