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The president were to defy muller or to fire rosenstein or sessions done that create a bigger problem for them yeah with all these nuts all my god that'd be on the warpath and the congress will come after me including the republicans by the way the republicans want him out to they don't he's disrupting what they normally do they would love to get rid of him but i it's easy to fire rosenstein jeff sessions should be think everybody forget all of this i think everybody agrees he's not a good attorney general totally ineffective totally out to lunch rosenstein wrote the letter saying why komi should be fired now he wants to investigate why komi is fired he's very close to muller muller went for interview to be fbi director which trump rosie went with them wow get let's get back to stormy daniels so this stormy daniels systems washed up old she's like the norma desmond of porn washed up porn star she must be watching tv picking paper named front page everywhere all over.

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