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James T Harris and I lost a few brain cells watching that press conference. Yesterday was an hour of my life that I cannot get back is gone. It has gone in the frustration level that I felt as my brain cells were oozing from my ears. Really got on the nerves of my wife. Who happened to be in town is wondering why I was doing my job in this in this manner. Why couldn't just wait? And read about it why I had to listen to the droning on of our gracious Lord Ducie who shared again the same charts in the same numbers who even the reporters in a room roll their eyes at the information and Lord. Ducie pointed that out. I see you rolling your eyes at the information that I am sharing you but I am just trying to reinforce that we're doing well. And I'm proud and grateful for the Arizonans who have been practicing social distancing to flatten the curb. And I just wanted to remind you that we have hospital room capacity. Have Hospital beds. We do have ventilators. WE ARE READY. Arizona ready and for that reason we are going to stay in phase one because we're comfortable in phase one. We are safe in phase one in order for us to go to face to would have to risk some things that are. We're not willing to risk right now. We're not willing to risk the possibility that people may get sick. We don't want to risk the possibility that are hospitals will be overrun. Even though they weren't overrun they might be overrun. So we will stay remain in phase. One Lord Ducey's press conference yesterday was depressing and once again. We have many people who were were allowed themselves to get excited. As the news was being reported that basically Arizona is in fantastic shape. They allowed themselves to believe that Lord Ducie would advance the states openness to face to. They were wrong and the amount of correspondence that I received from people. Who were duped quite alarming. I cannot allow myself to get overly excited anymore because I am not living my life. According to the dictates of Lord Ducie. I know that I pace face.

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