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Having amac conversation allegedly because they see there's no there there with that conversation and two two even bill ballot check and sounded like he was disgruntled based on the report there's no there there we're not sure but that is new juicy story that she's be transparent barriers the juicy story would you can minimize the story of a case them it's impossible whether you like it or not is it possible he would not ignore it but if we're just rank in these stories case keno all the patriot driven cut tom i think everyone's behind the patron driven content every every everything in the national football league is trumped by that conversation before we get to the super bowl honestly you know what when it comes to tell his story by winger rather how they win or even how they lose they trump everything literally because you could you try to figure out a way to ease your way into how this organization peaks because we still don't know that's what makes them i think the driving force when it comes to coverage if we get an opportunity bill bellichik that that is like the guilt of the year it we give you an opportunity the talk to a tom brady that is a gate of the that's the gate of the year we can get a lot of other guys a lot of guys don't don't bring that type of sizzle when it comes down to covering these players and we think of tom brady come on man he had his alex alice career was his trainer the only player in the national football league that had his personal trainer everywhere he went when it came down to being a part of the organization wants to sideline or whatever lead so that that story within itself just that one not even talking about jimmy garage just that one way and we did your lashing at all and now we have more drama with the departure of guerrero got two minutes left i give you saints versus dealers or saints worse as patriots what's the better game i think they both ballots i'll somewhat the same because a passing game of all three offenses i think they they they brought him most probably much is probably a wash.

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