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Welcome back to America. I play a cop from the president's speech last night in El Paso, and then get your response Cup five. Please. But the governor say that he would. Even. A newborn baby to come out into the world. Wrap the baby. The baby comfortable, and then talk to the mother. To the father and then executed. David limbaugh. I call the governor of the Jinya I call Ralph Northam the butcher of Richmond. How is it that we've arrived at a place where we have to have the president remind Americans that it is wrong to rip a baby out of the and kill it. Because for half a century since Roe versus Wade. The Democrats have been not only not trying to limit abortion and make it safe legal and rare as we always knew why. But to glorify it's not like sometimes happiness in the worst cases, not to protect life of the mother. No, the the lives of the mothers rarely an issue in these cases in the white term. This is glorifying abortion as sacrament of the left's sacred secular religion of paganism. So I I I think we've gotten to the point where so many people have been dumbed down morally they've been listening to this these ideas of moral anarchy for so long that they don't even think deeply enough. They actually believe that this is a vote or a clump of cells in the body. And I I contend to you, Dr Gorka they were made to city not made. That's what the left if. If they were encouraged to watch videos of abortions, you might see a complete difference in their attitudes. Yeah. I think this is an incredibly important point. Thank you for sharing this with us. David limbaugh. It's not just that. This is a political thing. They actually worship abortion. It has become for them because they did my God. Because they denied the fact that we are made in the image of our creator it. This is the natural progression. They have to worship it. Because if they don't they realize the intrinsic evil of what they are doing. What is your sense David Limbaugh with this president with the recent rallies we've seen with with the the advancements in science are we winning this war to protect the most vulnerable in society. I disagree with some conservatives. He think we've made so many strides in reducing abortion that were winning. But I think we are beginning to turn the corner on the moral argument because as you say now science is indisputable and the liberals like to call us science deniers, but more and more you're seeing the truth the baby feels pain at an early time and the baby is fully formed at a pet points where liberals are more than willing and anxious to have abortion on demand. The abortion industry is bathed in corruption. This isn't just about a philosophy. They are trying to make money big millions of dollars, and the Democrats are tied to that money that they're making and they can no longer by the way pretend that it is an ally they used to argue it's not alive if you noticed lately. Now, they're saying yes, it is alive. But the mother's right to murder her own innocent baby in the womb, transcends and supersede the baby's right to live. It is phenomenal amazing that they could make this moral argument with a straight face. And I do think as we are able to continue this preliminary we're going to win more hearts and minds. And and we're ultimately going to prevail. I miss this again, incredibly important David you, always take us to the heart of the issue when they resort to the argument that this life is more important than that life. Then you see the reality because there is no difference in that logic than from the logic. Which justified slavery. There is no different in that logic from the logic that justify totalitarianism whether on the left or whether on the right, my life is more important than somebody else's life. My life is more important than another person's like because of their skin color or their ethnicity or the religion. They preach. This is the heart of darkness. And I think I agree with that. You've come missed convince me, David Limbaugh. We haven't won the tide is turning and one of the most heartening thing is the tide. The heart of the youth is turning as well you've been listening to David Limbaugh. Follow him, you know, how to spell that name. I l m b a huge h David Limbaugh and check out his latest book. Jesus is risen. Thank you. David now a message. So you might deal listeners a challenge, you, can you think of at least one thing that you no longer do that you wish you could do you miss say playing golf all long walks with your spouse. House sleeping through the night. Are you ready to start living without pain? My colleagues my friends here at Salem hughhewitt. Dennis Prager, Mike Gallagher. Imagine a politician saying this today, I have wondered at times with the ten commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the US congress that is a quote from Ronald Reagan. He showed us through his life is faith. And with his words that you Deo Christian values and principles matter. You can help spread the legacy of Ronald Reagan, and you can do it by getting a Reagan Email address right now, if you have a g mail AOL Yahoo or other big tech company Email address, you help them market their service with every Email you send in return..

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