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Forty six yard line and it is a cats that is recall a scott pringle new york excellent timing round from scholar thompson could by referring to was a play action as he took a fivestep drop set waited viral pringle itt out route that bowl is coming out before pringle was great before the was pleaded catch portfolio solely will gouda review to see if pringle got a foot down we have not seen a replay up in our booth today's game on espn 2 so see if we get a look at it as well as mike the from the other side certainly very it that this what are your comes our first look what are you seeing up in the eight zero s the gba's leftfoot come in touch before his foot because scrambling alive as a cat because uh uh was out i have i think that uh i think the left foot hits inbound right before the right foot his balance were getting a second look at super slobo after review ruling on the fail this confirm or ago so dan romeo calling it confer that was where because a lot of times the peres coming toward facing the science trying to tapped out he was literally floating with both speech straddling and one tapped out before the other banks barely came in so first down for kansas state there at the forty six yard line of oklahoma state justice children in the back fear to the right of schuyler thompson he's got three receivers to the right side oklahoma state at six on the line right now well the linebackers backs off goalrush five it's a play fred thompson looking down the middle part of the pages the scale borrowing pointing don't barely got his footing bans all bowlers boy and putting gets a forty six yard touchdown reception beating aj green bruce another play action pass safeties come bob it's a deep post once again saved target byron pringle working on aj green has aj gree b e falls down right before the end zone excellent pass and another touchdown for the cages state office or agree totally wiped out inside the 10yard line but now nick walshe is on for the point after the fic is up and that is good at it is brought to you by all states where he plays sixty one yards the mid at twelve and we take a break akhoon picket stadium seven forty seven to go in the.

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