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Gray and weekly contributors Tom Brady, and Larry which Gerald finally one week from tonight. The Minnesota Vikings traveled to Los Angeles a big game as they take on the Rams the Westwood One. Sports dot com for more details. Once again, our final score from Cleveland, the long darkness is over Cleveland Twenty-one, the New York Jets seventeen alpha Ryan eagle. Tony boselli. I'm Scott Graham, thanks for joining us. You've been listening to Thursday night football on Westwood One. Stay. Conversation on Twitter. This team has plane of respect but tyrod Taylor, but it really look different. When Baker Mayfield got in this football game. What was he doing that? You believe tyrod Taylor was not doing. No, not him against anything. Beggar got out there. Got out. There may display. We're one hundred percent behind Sarah and banker did his thing. And maybe have. Fifteen that you've been on with the Cleveland Browns since the Dallas Cowboys selected you in the two thousand fourteen trap. How close is this team? Now that you've gotten this win how much closer are. They. Oh, man. We got Bill from here, man. Continue to keep doing your thing. Hey, Terrance congrats on the win. Try to find that football you play next week. Okay. Yes, sir. Thank you. Terrence mitch. Browns corner bag. I hope he finds that football. You make a play like that you can't live that fall into enemy hands. But you know, what he's going to try to find out the football. They were able to find that. When I went for the Cleveland Browns in a span of six hundred and thirty five days and with great pride I say the Brown's victory formation Baker Mayfield. Take out everybody. Tonight. Draft choice. He'll come back and win over the jets twenty one seventeen Louis. And now.

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