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Dummy number three, dummy number three. Police in Ohio shared a photo of two suspected thieves carrying a stolen aquarium on a motorcycle. And the the aquarium later shattered. The Niles police department posted a photo on Facebook showing two men riding a motorcycle with a passenger carrying a box containing a large aquarium. The post said the aquarium had been shoplifted from the local PetSmart store at eleven thirty AM on Monday an officer on his way to the scene spotted the pair on the motorcycle. Police said the passenger jumped off the motorcycle at one point breaking the aquarium and was arrested. He was identified as Michael Atkins. Fifty two police lost track of the motorcycle. Rider vehicle was soon found abandoned behind the chef paying restaurant. Officers searched the area and spotted a nervous looking man behind a home. Besides looking nervous the mail began to furiously prune the small tree with his bare hands telling officers he was there to do yard work the Facebook post, I forgot about this one. This is a good one. The man told police he saw the suspects flee east on a nearby road. But vested did not believe his story. And he was identified as the driver of the motorcycle. The man was identified as Christopher Binion Forty-six. Both men were charged with theft related offensive and Binion was also charged with traffic violations, including failure to comply. Number four, dummy number. Witness captured video.

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