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We are Wisconsin's radio station news radio WTMJ Milwaukee From ABC News. I'm Richard Can't Sue no longer President Trump's historic second impeachment trial before the U. S Senate begins today. Sort of. As with most things in the Senate. This trial won't start right away first four hours of arguing if it's even constitutional to try a president after he's out of office, there isn't likely enough votes to stop it. Then on Wednesday, House managers have 16 hours over two days to make their case. The Senate still hasn't decided if they'll allow impeachment witnesses. Andy Field. ABC NEWS Washington Pinellas County, Florida detectives are being joined by FBI and Secret Service and investigating a hack on the water treatment plant in the Tampa suburb of Oldsmar, Florida Investigators say the hacker boosted the level of poisonous sodium hydroxide in the water to a dangerous level before the plant's operator reversed it, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. Because the operator noticing increasing lowered it right away at no time. Was there a significant adverse effect on the water being treated importantly, the public was never endangered. The National Transportation Safety Board today announces the cause of last year's helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant and eight others for quite a while. The focus has been on the pilot should the chopper been flying that day in the thick fog without the instruments to do so. The NTSB found early on that the choppers engines were working and there were no obvious mechanical part. Problems on the helicopter hit the hillside in Calabasas is so was the pilot disoriented in the fog that will find out today. Baby sees Alex Stone, her publicist says Mary Wilson, longest reigning original supreme died at home in Las Vegas..

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