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Will take place on June twenty fourth at the Freeman Coliseum and then on the twenty seventh at the Beverly tech self businesses got a pre register though before this big event masks will be doled out on a first come first serve basis gov in nineteen cases do continue to rise not just in Texas all over the country that seems to be in those states that have reopened their economy the corona virus isn't just lingering it's spiking in many states including California Arizona Texas and Florida forcing the closing of numerous bars were outbreak sickened dozens of employees and patrons in Jacksonville beach Orlando and beyond prompting one pub owner to say he opened too soon but Florida governor Ron DeSantis says no one should panic from the covert nineteen search because far more people are being tested resulting in more confirmed infections the governor says the average age of cases has plunged almost no one outside nursing homes is dying and there are far fewer patients in icy use or on ventilators then two months ago there is a dramatic shift in society to both remove federated monument Confederate monuments and at the same time accurate portrait of our history all comes to a head today today is June thirteenth today's the day many people celebrate the end of slavery on June nineteenth eighteen sixty five in Galveston a military officer informed African Americans that they were free there's no push to make today a national holiday professor Albert started to just have a right to Texas a and M. says most people have never heard of Juneteenth in my courses because I teach African American history but you would be surprised how many of my students know very little about it quite quite frankly the bush has the support of congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and senator John Cornyn of Texas Michael board news radio twelve hundred W. away I hear every now Sharpton will give the keynote address at a Juneteenth celebration into hole so this weekend right now a huge rally under way on our.

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