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Nathan Rizzo, Eric, Astros discussed on Murph and Mac


Zo it's about now i'd say the bigger argument is and i hate to say this but tanking is a better argument the data because all those the tanking to get altuve am and that crew in in the tanking to get kris bryant and and we'll see savvy trades to trade for addison russell nathan rizzo but that's the deal and in the moneyball book go read moneyball see how often they mentioned jason giambi miguel tejada eric has buried they don't mention zito mulder and hudson who are all first round draft picks too so i get that you do need to get creative with your resources that is true but the more true statement is that the big time talent wins and the astros had big time talent that they drafted not through data analytics and margin finding through big time tanking to get high draft pick so that's my big problem i get that you can use data to your advantage but i also get that you need great players to win and that's how those guys one they used analytics they also use kris bryant anthony rizzo addison russell kyle schwartz jose altuve eight george springer and the rest of the crew so end of sermon end of end of what do they call it your soapbox sermons good good sermon daily dowsett dubs wow we'll dose on a what is it a wednesday yeah eighty one points last night i mean it was going so bad over at oracle dude i want to watch more preseason giant ball than a regular season dubs game who's telling you the truth it's a true story yeah and i also wanna add to yeah yeah i do i wanna i wanna add that you got some stuff nick young as saying these tired of playing so many minutes i will say this the only bonuses you get a nick young interview and they're all classics why are you enjoying them.

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Nathan Rizzo, Eric, Astros discussed on Murph and Mac

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