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Hotels, new CEO. He joined late last year from the world's biggest hospitality firm. Marriot's Monaco's executive editor Josh Fenech caught up with Peter to find out more design hotels is a portfolio hotels that are independently owned and operated that have a well-developed concept of people culture designed architecture that aspire to put their hotel out onto the market design hotels us, a company is a sales and marketing. Distribution business. We've created a community of travelers are already is around design architecture culture and organiz these hotels in a way that enables the customer to come inexperienced what we call original hospitality experiences. And I suppose for the past twenty five years that company has become synonymous with its founder with Claus sending with the kind of free. Wheeling experimental interesting experience based notion behind it at the end of last year, you joined Klaus took over the role is the I imagine his thumbprint was still be on some of the work moving forward. But can you tell me what it's like to join a company with a vast amount of experience from Marietta, obviously in your case and to trying to just to that companies DNA was a bit of a shock. I what did you? Did you hit the ground running? It's been actually quite a interesting journey Klaus as you mentioned has created this company over the last twenty five years, which has really become the definitive. Source for original hospitality and organizing. What we call the originals design and tells original so the owners causes really created this tightly knit group of people who are very passionate about their own hotel and about the brand that is designed hotels. So for me over the last six months, I've had a real luxury of being able to partner with Claus as we do this extended handover and luckily for us, he's agreed to stay involved as our brand consultant as our advisor, and he built up a great team. And so I have a phenomenal ability to work with a team that he's built over the last ten years, and we're very very organized in committed to maintaining the health and the brand that is designed hotels for me. It's just a fantastic experience being able to join this great strong, well known brand, and then be able to charge to work on how we can take it forward and pizza you don't simply bring to this role an admiration of causses. Work and knowledge of what design hotels might be in the future. He bring.

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