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Hello, boys and girls mog wind gremlins. This is Tim Ferriss, welcome to another upset of the Tim Ferriss show. If you're looking for perhaps some type of highbrow intellectual long form conversation, you might want to go to Tim dot log fort slash podcast for one of my other long form always fell. Short dude come on old on Kevin introduced yet. But for those of you who enjoy the, the random helter skelter is at a right word. I think it is nature. I'm gonna run with it of the random show which we haven't had an episode of for very long time in his conversation between yours, truly, and my good friend, Kevin, rose guest number one on the Tim Ferriss show. That's true. You were guest number one, the very first episode of the Tim Ferriss show, and actually the my Lincoln bio now. My claim to fame it's in your Google plus bio. And we have not done random show for longtime, but I'll let you do if you want to do an introduction of the rent need to think we need to know what episode Ron for those that have heard the random show before. I think we've done probably if I had to guess maybe twenty five episodes, something like that. Twenty five episodes. So we're episode twenty-seven. Let's call it episode twenty seven and Kevin for people who don't know you, what's your story? What would you like people to know about you? What's the speaker by overs of Kevin rose? I don't even know these days. No, seriously. I would say that I've been a longtime internet entrepreneur. I probably best known for creating these social news website dig back in two thousand four that grew to become a pretty big entity for a number of years. And then I was at Google as an investor and now metro ventures as an investor, Tim unite, probably co-invested and maybe a dozen or so angels at least Facebook together. I think Twitter together together, blue bottle, coffee. A bunch of them side. Note, you remember how ridiculed we all were when the consortium of techies and non, he's invested blue bottle coffee diem or how we got on.

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