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Let's get onto the really important subject of sport. Now. Call them Harrison joins us live, and let's start with football. Then we've had some moves in the Premier League title. I think Liverpool back on top of the table. Rebecca before last night. Both they imagined to city had three games left Liverpool. Nothing even winning all of the might not be enough to need city to slip up so Liverpool. Did while they had to do last night? They beat Huddersfield and in some style five nil cater scoring off. You're just fourteen seconds Saudi money Muhammed salad and got to each five Liverpool. The now two points care city. That's up his Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. The golden moment really really late and in the middle somewhere. And that's good second half start again today. Our this really proud team fought for that. And then let it had easily Reese, call wonderful goals had more chances. And so it was a brilliant brilliant night Cullum. Let's catch up with a tennis refined. The Dow remains on course, I think for another title in Barcelona Basel open for the last three years eleven times in total. The main court there is even named after him and on the Rafael adult court yesterday. He stuff through to the semifinals as he continued his bid for twelve title there. No manage ever one ATP tour, title, any title twelve times he made it through to the last four beating stuff seven five seven five face Dominic team of Australia in the last four today in the other semi the former champion, Katie she Cory will play Daniel Medvedev, and I should just mention on the women's tour semi. Finals stained stood got the grand prix. There will number one name is soccer play and it contacts, and it's Patrick Evita against KiKi birth put Angelique Kerber yesterday. And finally the basket Bulla Golden State Warriors through to the Western Conference semifinals. Yeah. The clippers this game six of their first round series in the NBA playoffs. Kevin durant? Joining an elite band of players to score fifty points in a single postseason game. The warriors one by one hundred twenty nine to one hundred ten they take the series for two and a half face the Houston Rockets game one of that series on Sunday. Thank you very much, Colin Harrison, they will sports news makes you feel exhausted. Just hearing his old isn't it was goals? And so lots more to come from weekend. We're just going to take a pause now for the latest world news. Distribution of the BBC World Service in the US is made possible.

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