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Listen I I in all seriousness I do want to say this isn't closing. You guys are. You guys are. The thing to give people like him, and I hope now we've joked about how our experience and it just means that we're older and. Some time some days. Concerned about the future in whose hands were living are living our. Beloved. Church. An- and when we see the what be people like you are doing, we're encouraged I'm encouraged and I. Pray You stay strong. And the God gives you stamina encourage. To keep burning all the obstacles to Jesus. Doing. Guys. Thank you. You inspire us and we aspire to be like you. act. This is way too complimentary and. Deep and. I mean, we still don't know where you live and. We're not I minor standard of New Zealand is that it's a magical country that doesn't actually exist on the planet so good on you forgetting their. Thank you. It's nice living. I legitimately lived just down the road from with hobbits. Hope it's live. Do that's the dream the dream? Which? Like serious. I have not the stereotype of New Zealand at all. My memories is drinking a ginger Ale in the Green Dragon in it's it's a one. It's a magical place. Truly. Someday Someday Sam Someday we'll get man someday. Someday. One day I can't have you guys here. Anyway. Awesome well, this has been great. Thank you so much guys I've loved this episode. Hey and everybody listening. We'd love to hear your feedback. You can get in contact with us. The best place to go for all things haystack is, of course, Burn Haystack Dot Org. Find links to all social media and email and all that good stuff jesse. By the merch subscribe to the podcast. Leave a writing review all that good stuff SAM. Tim Where do people go when they want to listen to podcasts connected ministry sale the wonderful things that you're doing in the world. Tim. Show. If you WANNA check out crosswalk church you can go to www dot crosswalk village dot.

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