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It. To get this tobacco. Today's his too. So this is really going around. Now, they have to get their cut. Okay. I'm so glad he went that road. I gotta be honest when I saw the headline of Trump weighs in on the antibac- stuff. I thought oh God. All right. He is he going to take the side of the anti vaccine. No. You did not. Okay. Good. All right, cool. Cash. Between both parties they're going to be times that fans of both will be gripping about what they're going to say. That is one thing that makes it somewhat exciting when you're talking about Biden and Trump, you're never quite sure. Especially more so with Trump, but Biden has that as well. Okay. I can't wait to see what binds gonna do. Once Trump really gets under his skin. He has a tendency to lash out he was taken behind the barn. Beat him stuff. Right. Oh, absolutely. I mean, that's what I that's the entertainment value icy here, you can keep your cool for a while. You know, it's like the agitator at basketball. Exactly. But you gotta go the entire game with them getting under your skin xactly. Yeah. We'll see music news. You saw this David prince has a new album coming out. I don't know if I like this June. Seventh is birthday his estate is putting out a fifteen track album called originals, and it's a bunch of songs he wrote but gave away to other artists. Okay. So from Sheila e as his version of this manic Monday. Yet apple is one of them. So it's going to be streamed for two weeks on title and then on the twenty-first of June. They're going to release the recordings. Available for download on every platform. Okay. Okay. I mean is an old fan. Nothing compares to you. That's nothing new. Yeah. That's been out for a while. When you were mind you remember that song? Yes. Great song. Mitch Ryder did that. Yes. That was on another album. They're gonna milk this thing now. And no doubt I'm much more interested in the book of his personal. You know, all of that stuff. Speaking of entertainment. Of course, this time on Friday talking movies avengers in game blowing up records all over the place. Talk with Ryan Fuji Tani. And.

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