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Correra NewsRadio never wait for weather Get the store Teammate Forecast of the top 30 past each hour on news radio W F L A Hurricane watches and tropical storm warnings remain in effect as hurricane aid against closer to the Tampa Bay area, But it is weakening. We have a storm surge warning in place that will high tide will be higher than normal and expect often on downforce throughout the day and watch for flooding temperatures in the mid eighties windy conditions continue this evening. In fact, the storm should make landfall north of Tampa Bay. Early tomorrow morning, But the worst weather will actually be today and it will dry out tomorrow. I'm accident rate meteorologist Li Span Operation Storm Watch on news radio wf valet brought to you by Morgan exteriors, window siding and roofing. This is Operation Storm Watch on his radio. W F l A tropical storm. Ada is what we're monitoring here across our region. I'm Ryan Gorman with me. Erin Jacobson and Katie and Natalie from am Tampa Bay. And we will be with you this afternoon this evening and into the night as well. The storms that were monitoring They're part of tropical storm aided that are making their way through our area. Right now. The worst of it is in the Bradenton, ST Pete and Clearwater area and then parts of Southwest Hillsborough County, and that is going to continue to make its way towards the North. So really our entire Tampa Bay area. It's time, Tio. Keep a close eye on the weather outside getting wherever it is that you're gonna be riding the storm out. Get inside. Because some pretty severe weather is making its way through our region right now joining us to talk about the situation in Pinellas County. I have Ashley Johnson, senior communications coordinator for Pinellas County Marketing and Communications, Ashley Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to talk to us. What is the information out of Pinellas County that our listeners need to know? Thank you so much for having me on first and foremost, we just you know safety, is he So we're talking to low lying coastal on barrier Island residents advising them to prepare for, you know, look like flooding. Wind is obviously a big issue at this time. Make sure your vehicles on high ground but but don't be driving through flooded areas. 50% of flooding death our vehicle related so make sure that you're not letting going through and flooded areas turn around. Don't drown it. It's an easy way to say, um Find shelter inside a safe structure. You know, where is that safest place inside your home, Stay away from windows and make sure that after the storm passes that not going out right away. There could be power lines better down. There could be debris that is blocking roadways gives your local public work the time to clear out that debris don't go trying to just clear debris All right away after the storm passes, it may be quick. But there could be ah lot of hazards out there right after the storm passes, you know this is the First big winter storm of the season with a possibility of those dead branches. Um, make sure you're closing your interior door's secure. Embrace your external doors and windows and really, just No, no, your wrist and also.

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