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Expression of what an electric vehicle can be so tell us about your role with the streamer automobilia streaming. Sounds pretty italian to me. And it's very italian and tell you also gian-franco to the first angel investor into fiscal automotive. It had nothing to do with me. Henry and barney curled franko found them and invested. I met him in two thousand eight when he was in detroit. He was there with the launch of the karma. First time that the prototype. And i know him since then so i know him over thirteen years or more and at some point we lost overview. I think on facebook here and there see what the families are doing. But i saw that franco is quite active in finding a team together to start and at some point. Ranko if you want an interior for this dream you doing just let me know. And he said oh alex right like oh my god. How could i forget and we started. Talking and out of the talk was more discussion debate and it was not just designing was building a brand making electric propulsion systems. The core of something strong pushing italy forward being trusted and franco has that reputation over the last fifteen years that he fight for the electric of the world reducing pollution. And he's really a trusted source internationally. And i said like okay. Let's just it in. That started around fall time. October last year where i propose to him a process of how we get through this. And part of this was understanding the brent identity values what that be a style identity with it so a brand identity combined with a stolid entity because think about it was fisk automotive. Hendrick made this beautiful automobile filled into the interior. And that was it and because we all made the decisions it was almost unnecessary to ride a brand identity of what that is because we made the decision. So we're very authentic in that building the brand now with franco. He's very authentic and he's italian. I'm authentic of what i know in what i do but i'm german like you said i'm living in california so far away and so i propose to him. Let's just do this the right way. And with that setup. It needs italian car designers. I don't wanna fake this. In through me i at the leadership so that there will be an excellent automobile execution happening and i would get the styling. Let's start with the concept and so we were start searching for designers in italy and it's of course whether the all their status and we were particular looking for a design house which is not really working in the industry of our movies like not pininfarina water brilliant move because let someone take a bird's eye view it means this designer can get up to twenty thousand feet and see the whole landscape they're not pigeonholed into genera of design or one segment of the design. They can think about all kinds of ideas right and when you think of pin it for rena i love in a for united surgery beckham the days and i talked with mr chompy beckett. The days when i proposed to work with them was of course. It's been a farina. And i love the purity and elegance pena furry always had that style expressions and i'm so driven by authentic brand value so for me it needed to be the spread in the moment you choose one of them. So ito design is now owned by. W i guess still tone. I'd on even know if it's chinese or what happens. It's chinese but it's a ghost of its former self right and pay for rena locked all the main designers to ferrari tension steeler. Because all these guys have come in house. If our audience doesn't know i mean ferrari is in house maserati in the house. Lamborghinis house exactly. So who would you choose. And so we were looking and we found appetite design. I honestly haven't heard from them before. And it was after design is a very small studio around luigi mamola and he works more conceptual concept design like hollywood like movies video games e creates awesome brutal kind of conceptual vehicles. I love when i saw what he was doing it. So like that's the one i wanna work with. And so we read him what we were looking for a he pulled in another designer allesandro fini and both proposed how this is typically in the industry what automobilia streamer product could be. But they didn't really. I'm not even sure at the time. If we are solidly on a name of our brand we want to do this. it's electric. it's a hypercard la la and they started approaching this and we said it has to be italian. It has to look at talent and so they're enthusiastic by themselves. Italian i mean bella makina and every corner and so they started in. We chose alessandra feeney's concept because it was even more conceptual hate always when i say this but it looked like a batmobile is in italian back. It had fins and wings in sharpness stealth fighter swat just unreal. And i said frank. That's it a convinced the team this is it. the name we were like throwing around is estimated. That's the design and let's now work on the logo the details and so we came up with a insys tell you this was really so unique. It was more extreme from really white piece of paper. What hendrick defined already. What the logo is going to be. Because of coach before coach bill. They had the logo. Took this over. There was so much more known. The name was clear and then with franken we have the chance to make whatever we believe in consulting business. What i do is what can with. Hyperloop is a challenge in different levels or if a work on a vertical of vehicle there's challenges everywhere but to get the opportunity franko open. He's like alex. I wanted to do the whole nine yards. I know you trust you blindly. I want with you to create this all. So we started creating with luigi and alessandra. They started sketching on automobile. Then we found the name as three then for me. It was important to have the lightning bolt somehow in there because that is a strong symbol. Everybody knows about the next vacation and because of my belief of authentic location and the location is from brands. So important like porsche is in visa. And bmw's doing it's so important to influence tries to like italy. And so let's make this italian and so the lightning bolt got the glory. The zorro savoy became the background. That was a lot of cool ideas around. The emblem because when i create a logo. The automotive sophistication always starts with the emblem on the car and then turns into something. More graphic for other uses we. It was so cool. Everybody involved in that virtual community of automobiles streamer. We had weekly reviews of the progress all aspects the technology the company the brand the visualization of things. The design and always on a solo trusted way. As if i know all of those individuals for such a long time but i only knew frank really in an end but i think he set the floor right and he set the table right that. Yeah everything's possible and let's do it. Let's do it like spirit. We all have in the culture. And i said hey guys in engineering you say if some if you see some which is crap just say it now. We can change it. We can find a solution. Not at the end is like maybe was like well. I need more exhaust. Aaron the reate to get the heat all out as paul. Say it now and we do it. It's like yeah. I need more air in the risk than say and we cut big holes in the rear and make it skinny located looks today because it's at ultra and a full menia fast automobile and for media by the way means blitz schnell in germany or lightning fast in english and i learned myself and i had to learn to pronounce it because i always pronounced it full media as no no. No no no no. No no alex. You said authentic italian..

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