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So the NFL gave us some interesting moments on Thursday night, the NFL primetime event, and I don't know how you feel about this. But for me, the prime time thing, and I look at it from the scope of being an eagles fan or being a fan of team. Right. I'm not looking at it. Just like, oh, NFL big moment. I'm looking at it like the NFL has gone out of their way to make Thursday night primetime event, they can get away with it. There's no issue there. They clearly have earned it that they can get away with this primetime event. But I wonder for though, and this is not brand new territory for me. But over the last couple of years we've seen consistently drafting in the back and when Andy Reid was here years ago, I was used to maybe not winning Super Bowls. But seeing my team draft in the back end of the first round more so than not, and I wonder when you look at the NFL draft, and you know, that you have to wait a long time to see some pick play out just use the obvious one. If you're a patriots fan every single freaking year, you're waiting until the end of the draft the end of the first round to see what your team does. And there might be a time in which you have to sit there for four hours waiting to see if your team makes a move. And instead they Now normally would if this thing were held on Saturday afternoon. If this thing were held any other time than primetime Thursday night where you have to wake up and go to work or you're currently working or you have to head into work for an overnight shift. Whatever the case may be you're looking at this like did I just waste my time. And I deal with that in Philadelphia. And I'm sure you deal with that. Elsewhere. What do you have people that look at this like your own pick because it's the first round because of the drama that's been manufactured by the NFL. Putting this thing on primetime. You are owed a pick. Then. In fact, I was all prepared tonight for my birds to trade out and how he rose Minnesota. It's better off getting back in the second round. I could do something on Friday and people on my local show Friday afternoon, saying, oh, you see we waited and we stayed up for four hours only to see my team trade out. Now, if that's the case, I get it that your team wasn't on primetime Thursday night. But shouldn't wise move shouldn't a smart trade Trump that shouldn't it supersede? How you feel as far as my team did something smart as opposed to something belligerent? And speaking of that comparison, just look at two teams just look at two teams going in the complete opposite. Direction. And yes, the easy answer is the New England Patriots because they don't take a step back when they lose gronkowski. They don't take a step back when they lose anybody outside of the two on knows what happens when they are gone. That's Bella check and Brady, but we're not there yet. So you can make a strong argument that they don't really have much at all at the wide receiver position. And even with depth lacking top heavy they need talent. So it's not so much that they drafted a wide receiver. But they take the kill Harry at thirty two. And you think this kid six to he can slide immediately in and play there's going to be some balls that are going to be thrown around a lot more with gronk out. So you need to help Tom Brady as he gets older, and it's not any type of peril. It's just why not why not address a key. Now that's not the norm for the patriots. But they're looking at this like not life after Brady so much as what can we do to continue to make this guy's life as easy as possible, especially immediately following a major target. That's gone. So yes, that's that's not filling the gap. That's not. Hopping in a gap. That's we lost gronk. We don't have many guys throw the football too. So we might as well get somebody other than Eshelman that we can consistently throw the ball to especially since rocks out. You can look at this and think the history that they've had drafting big receivers wide receivers as a whole at the top of the draft hasn't been great. But that's the genius. I think of this move is identifying somebody in a win now mode. And I'm not saying that the keel Harry is gonna step on the field. Catch ten touchdowns this year and go for twelve hundred yards. But Nicole, Harry is gonna have every opportunity afforded to him to step on that field and contribute to a team. That is already expected to go really far mind you right back to the Super Bowl with these odds. But also understands that when you're building team, and you have the luxury of guy Tom Brady, you need to sustain and sustaining can be more difficult at times than building. So that brings us to building. And I can't tell you what the hell Dave Gettleman is building eight. Attention respiration radio eight hundred seven seven seven two nine zero seven you find me a worse loser and Thursday nights draft than the New York Giants. So they take this kid Daniel Brown from Duke. They take a quarterback at six then Jones. Jeez. What did I say Daniel Brown? Yeah. What who's Daniel brand? I I don't know. But I'm sure he's a good kid. Who's just Boston his ass. And now we're gonna look at Daniel Brown NFL dig Brown is an American football tight end for the New York Jets. See that's who I was thinking of because when Daniel Brown came out, you know, he's Windsor Virginia's finest. I don't know if you knew he played a James, Madison. Oh, Windsors favorite, son. Well, here's here's the connection is the James, Madison dukes, right? So here's the James, Madison dukes and Daniel Brown played for the James, Madison dukes. So my brain mistakenly went to Daniel Brown. From the James, Madison dukes. Yeah. The mascot is not to the name of the school. Absolutely. Yeah. See that's the difference..

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