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Should go back to these warrants and she will petition for them hand who was responsible for. Big cover frequent. Governor Murphy's office and his staff and Vincent Dallas during the computer listening to sound regarding mail correspondence. This guy. This guy's amazing tries to get through the time. This guy. Clearly as nothing better to do with his life. I I. Yeah. I guess I don't know Mr. Callscreener. I guess this guy's just trolling us. It's funny. Good troll. Well, well done trolling. But nice try eight seven seven three eight one three one one Jimmy in Brooklyn, New York. Jimmy, go ahead, sir. Yes. This Russian collusion hoax show, something very important. I think you have almost the entire meteor. You have the entire democrat party, you have teachers professors, the detainment people all working together pushing this Russian collusion hoax. These hoaxers are the same people that pushed the global warming. Hope they're the same people that pushed the defeat of communism hoax. These three major hoaxes DACA be proven were totally false. And they're hoaxes. It's basically the same movement to Toco elation of democrat and Republican globalist its internationalist, which is the communist, the socialist Marxist. It's a coalition of people on the left and they've been successful until people like Alexander crazy, oh Cortez came along. I think she kind of blew it by being too forceful with her socialist, Marxist agenda. One more thing the Trump presidency and these couple of years you have the hundredth anniversary of the Soviet revolution. The two hundredth birthday of call Mark. And this year's one hundredth anniversary of the founding of the American communist party. Now, they thought they would have victory. They never thought Trump would win needed that. I to tell you the truth, and I am so glad that Trump came. It's almost like God sent him to save this country. So we are in big trouble. But we have a chance now if we could get people to realize the Russian collusion hoax. Global warming hopes hoax that the feet of communism hoax is the same movement. And now, they're they're exposed. And I totally support. Mark levin. I think he's one of the few people who really really understand this. And I've been inside the communist movement for over half a century. I could talk for hours and hours, and I unfortunately, we don't have the time. Jimmy, but thank you very much for the call. Appreciate it. Eight seven seven three eight one. Three eight one one. Bernie Sanders is is a left wing, communist Kook who spent his honeymoon in the Soviet Union as opposed to an all inclusive resort, and I don't know the Caribbean or something. And you know, it's funny because I was talking about my four year old, son. And my mother texted me to say Patrick hurt his name on the radio. My question is why is he not in bed? It's eight seventeen anyway. Eight seven seven three at one three one one. All right. Listen here on the Mark Levin show with me rich Zoli in for the great one. You know, I said this earlier to now I just want to reiterate this point about a police state. So I think it's important. What happened here with Peter stroz Zach? That's what congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman called him. Peter stroz AC actually take a listen to this for a second. This is actually pretty I. I want to thank you for your service. Thank you only Mississippi. Zach thank you made. A big mistake congresswoman here congresswoman, Bonnie Watson Coleman. Anyway, what Mr. stroz acted with Lisa page, and what we find out Andrew McCabe admitted to which is that they try to take a a Kuni targets president nited states a a failed coup. That's a police state police state now the thing about it is that the media's not outrage over this. Because a they wanted them to be successful be they would be fine with a police state. That's how the left can really get their way all their kookiness. They wouldn't have to worry about their green new deal passing in congress, which it never ever would. But that's the thing. Their ideas never pass in the legislative branch ever. They always have to do it through the courts or through some sort of executive Fiat always that is why they would love a police state to institute all their left wing kooky climate nuttiness as they worked at destroy capitalism and take over your life. So you what to eat and what not to eat? They would love it. And to be able to take away the rights of their political enemies to silence. You to silence me, they would love it. That's why there's no outrage over the fact that we have a police state in this country. They're rooting for it. Eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one the Mark Levin show coming right back. Mark levin..

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