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Internally, working on a movie, trying to find a director right now talking to different directors to shoot and at an adaptation of this movie perfect strangers. And I'm really excited about that. And on the producing side, working with jaboukie, who I think is just immensely talented on his show for HBO. So we're developing that right now and we'll see, but and then project greenlight. That's probably the next thing that's going to be up. We just finished that season, the director who won is editing her film. So we'll see when that gets released. But they're just little things here and there that we've been working on. And you have a record label, right? Yes. Yes, yes, on the record label called radio. We should call it an audio everywhere company. In addition to being a label, we do music supervision so they do the music supervision for rap shit, P valley, lots of shows that the Sex and the City spin off and just like that. And just like that, all these different shows. We have an incredible team there and been a management company called creative. But those are all under the hooray umbrella. And this is for people spelling along at home. Gotta love it. So you know it's my company. How's it going? It's great. I love it. Last two things just briefly, because you're now part of the HBO Max family with rap shit. I just have to ask some curious what your take is. Obviously, it's an interesting situation. They're dealing with with creators. And network consideration is just all of that. What do you have any thoughts on that? In terms of the consolidation of everything every time. Well, not even just the consolidation, but I guess we're seeing now some back and forth about some projects that are disappearing off the map. Yeah, I do think it comes down to that in these changes. I think anytime that you have a merger and you have new leadership decisions that are going to be made that seem to be for the best of the company, I think in this case, there's a very clear mandate that they want to save billions of dollars and that is going to involve some painful decisions. I can't say that I personally understand them and I'm sure as the creators specifically, the directors of batgirl and the cast involved in that. That's got to be devastating to be kind of like the first to be cut in a social experiment. It seems or a business experiment. But yeah, I'm just curious to see where it goes. I love the staff that I work with. I think there's some incredibly smart people that work on the max team. I have not met the discovery team, yet I haven't met. Zaz laugh yet. I've heard so much. I read so much. But yeah, I'm just curious to see what's gonna happen. Either way, I'm gonna create. Yeah, right, right. And I guess the final question at the place I thought we could end is, in addition to the stuff that you are doing yourself, I think it feels like one of the maybe greatest legacies, if not the greatest legacy in the long run, could be the fact that you've given that opportunity a foot in the door

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