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Come on. that. I'm always talk about this but you know that Bob Newhart sketch where he playing psychologist a psychiatrist and his clients come in and they describe like I wash my hands fifty thousand times a day in Baba, and then he's always like we'll stop doing that. and. I really like the essence of therapy. That anymore. Symbol. Like I go to a therapist and she's like well, what's stopping you from like? Every day and I'm like fuck I don't know. Will then just do it. Okay. But that's true. That's what I said in my Ted talk was there's a reason why Nike slogan has been just do it for however long it's just the truth. It just do it hard to do it. It's so hard to do it. We can't toward to figure it out but but it is hilarious to say just can we stop with the soups? Nobody likes. They don't even taste good right I. Yeah. That's really funny. All right. Let's move on. Let me think what I want to tell you about How about an update on the Mona? Lisa that's Oh. Yes I'll. Okay. So. They're always studying that thing because she's so famous and there's so much interest in it. So recent study of the Mona Lisa conducted over the course of fifteen years I don't know what takes them. So fucking long but it doesn't change. Their threat there since. They detected earlier marks in charcoal on the canvas. And the marks in the hand hairlines show artists, Leonardo Davinci, shifted her pose over the course of the painting to make her look more directly at the viewer. And they said that the process of figuring that out was accomplished with a multi spectral camera that can detect reflected light. You know this crazy raid or whatever to observe the sketch underlying the famous painting and the analysis also detected a hairpin which was dropped from the final work. Oh so she like had her hair did like, no let's make her like beach. On. My Guy. So he took a little creative liberty in his. And don't you wonder like archer why he was like maybe he did the Coco Chanel thing where he remarked. My God that is such. A frigging funny joke. That is so good. He really did know too much. Yeah because This is the Baroque period. Get that at a year. Because Coco. Chanel said when you're going to leave the house, you should look in the mirror and remove one piece of jewelry before you go like you have to edit. So may be Davinci was like you know what? That's too much. She's a simple lady. She doesn't be casual Mona Yeah, you're overdoing it. Oh, you've over accessorize my dear. To less is more Mona less is more I mean he should have given her a little help those browse or lack thereof. Help. Wrong with. Any. My God. Let me see you see. WanNa Lisa. She doesn't have eyebrows. I. Mean they're right a lot. No, she doesn't. You're right. No wonder. She looks mysterious right? We know this. We've talked about the the I row thing I forgot well, we talked about in general, but I didn't think we talked about it with Mona right just about eyebrows. Yeah. wow people. Still aren't maybe did take maybe they didn't need all fifteen years or four years or whatever. Right, who are we judge Dean I mean, it is annoying though how? Scholarship depends on funding and funding depends on public interest, and so people are so obsessed with Mona Lisa that now we're just sort of like studying her because it's like possible to get funding for it. This is my theory anyway, rather than other things that are less publicly appreciated, but maybe would be more consequential. Yeah and it's. I don't even know why these paintings become. So it's gotta be just the mass that that it's more Exposure and familiarity than the actual quality of the work I'm not oh, my God by no means of my saying the Mona Lisa's not quality. Leonardo Vinci is an genius I'm just saying it's interesting that. You know we just get fixated. I think it's the best work by Leonardo. Da. Vinci. Yeah. I would agree it's it's evidence of how something could just catch on and become a thing. Yeah and there's not always you can't always figure out why I did read though that. There's a new painting they found in Australia that somebody bought for sixty bucks. They think was is van Gogh and I love those story me to all the ultimate was that antiques roadshow. Yeah. I always loved episode of will and Grace. If you haven't seen that one definitely watch that it's the best one. Go just go. Yeah because everyone wants to think that when they go to a flea market or an antique store whatever that GonNa find some sort of like the declaration of independence hidden behind. paining rare right and so it's so fun when it actually happened. And I do like hearing how the experts try to figure out if it is authentic and they do all this work with like brush stroke style and stuff that I can't even understand but. Had I was I can't remember what it was. It was documentary I was watching our net flicks where they were looking at carbon dating and they look at the levels of radiation or the levels of certain. Elements. On the painting in the concentration of it from after. Like, we started using nuclear weapons and and that we are now because we've stopped using nuclear weapons and testing them and sign these treaties. which is wonderful and fantastic we. Are Losing the ability to time stamp these works of.

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