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You have a Tina. That's Beyonce's mom. Save you ever want to be famous? You better learn not to be afraid of people got the idea to one of those things where you go. Wow. What a really cool moment that Selina and beyonc cross paths before Selena was murdered. But did it actually happen in real life? Fiance says Yes, that moment did happen. This is from a 2007 interviews. She gave it MTV Awards. Listen actually in the Galleria Mall in Houston, but I didn't say much to Sicily. I wasn't a celebrity, and I just saw her that hello and kept it. Moving S O the whole story about Beyonce Being star struck by seeing Selena and meeting her is completely true. And that's kind of a cool thing that that happen. You never would think it would be that way, right? Exactly. On Beyonce mentioned. I grew up listening to her songs on the radio. Could she grew up in Houston? Selena was a big Tejano star. So in Texas, she was all over the radio. Even though she didn't understand the words right? So TV lot of for tonight you got Walker Manifest Station 19. Grey's Anatomy Rebel Clary's Over on Peacock, Shaggy for you. There's a new comedy called Girls five Ever Instead of Forever. It's about a girl band who gets back together. Um, over. You have Paramount plus month checkup from Cradle the stage. It is Dave grow from Foo fighters. It's a show he does, where he interviews, famous musicians and their moms. We just talked about one and over an HBO Max Michael Change from Saturday alive has a new show called that Damn Michael J, where he's doing skits. I think he's trying to make this his ship l show, Okay, if that makes sense, so that Stevie lined up for tonight, coming up next to me on the Z, The most bizarre theory.

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