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Yeah. Well, I know that was kind of a question and a suggestion that was brought up. I guess I can't speak to that. I can tell you. What was in that podcast? But other than that. I don't know as far as maybe Mrs Weber. She's our next speaker. She is better. She's the principal at liberty middle school. She's probably more equipped to answer that question than I. But thank you for asking it. We'll make sure we get answered. Okay. Does that sound good? I feel like I need to intrude, social work fashion. Put one more plug, please make sure that you. Visit the resource table, right? On your way out there are some resources than to mental health, brochures, and those kinds of things for anyone that may need them. So make sure you stop there. All right. Thank you. Good evening. I'm Michelle Weber. I'm principle. I have the privilege of being principal at liberty middle school. I get to be the principal for those four lovely young ladies that grace the stage earlier this evening as well as Holly Eric in the back who provide those kinds of opportunities for our kiddos to explore what they're experiencing what's meaningful invaluable on their life. So thank you for this evening. Thanks, Beth and the whole community putting this together. So what I answer your question Bernie. I'm not one hundred percent. Sure. It's a new program. It's part of their. Yes. They've they've brainstorm different things to make their project real and meaningful. And this is a new direction that they're going. So I think we absolutely have to be listening to those podcasts. Find out what kids were thinking going through. And how we can provide them the services on the support that they they need. So good question. I oh they're going to.

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