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Makers heating and cooling, sixteen minutes. I one though the storm has basically ended that waters gotta go somewhere. And while the rain continues off and on North Carolina. The death toll has climbed eighteen and catastrophic flooding continues to spread across the Carolinas with some of the rivers that are taking on all that water that has to go somewhere not likely to crest until tomorrow or Wednesday or even Thursday. So it is still a mess in North Carolina. If you want to help, but he don't know how the Red Cross and crosses a great way to start. Steve there's some drone footage out this morning. That's gone viral one community in North Carolina a suburban it looks like a subdivision all of the homes have water up to their roofs. So people if they were in their head to get into the attic and cut through the refund. Those are there people still being rescued in those people still being rescued the reserve report and Vicks newscasts just this. A couple of minutes ago, they're pulling people from helicopters from flooded buildings. So yeah, that's still going on this morning. I if you have somebody care about that there were pulling for you and pulling for them, and if you'd like to connect us with any of those folks that anniversary one to nine one seventy two hundred next. Bill daley. Now, how many dailies are left to get zippo Harpo, Chico? Bobby Gregg, Peter tiger, Bill Daley is going to run for mayor. I would be I'm I don't let me tell you got a pretty good chance of winning. I wonder I wonder what the what the currency the political currency of that name is today. It's got to be strong person. You think that mayor Emanuel was talking about when he said somebody that's gonna win is not in the race. I don't know. It's a good question. I don't know. I just I there's only room for. A a certain number of democratic power players, and he fits the Bill. So you wonder what that means for some of the other names have been floated Jeb Bush argument preckwinkle is to one that that does. Thank you are running her campaign. I'm not. Fascinated by what does she like what is part of our platform, sixty minutes softball? Running your campaign. I just I wonder if what the relationship is between someone like Bill Daley twenty Parkway. We'll find out Bill Daley is has a close relationships with Eric Edelstein who is a friend of the show, I was explaining to someone who's who's only been in Chicago for ten years or so the claim to fame on Bill Daley was when he was doing his present was inducted in his introductory press conference to be commerce secretary under Clinton would have been one thousand nine hundred ninety five nineteen hundred six somewhere in there. And he fainted to remember that he fainted forward. He was the commerce secretary. And I think Bill Richardson was on the stage being introduced as. Hot because of the lights and he hadn't eaten breakfast with the decision. What the what the symptoms ideas that he painted forward? And it was like, well that's Chicago on the national stage. There we go. Commerce secretary, you know, while we have a long history of people going down, Bill Daley. You could have the Jeb Bush argument with right because you had to Bush's already had two dailies already. So I just wonder if the if that name has the same political currency answering see next. There is a drama and the supreme court potential for a Kavanagh the White House stands by Cava as two GOP senators have joined the Democrats in urging of delay until the accuser of brick Kavanagh's heard who's the accuser, it's woman named Christine Blasi Ford. She says when she was in high school, brick cavenaugh and a friend of bird Kavanagh's at a drunken party pushed her into a bedroom. Block the door Brad Kavanagh then acute is accused by her of holding her down on the bed and trying to get her clothes off. She was able to escape, but she said she was afraid for life. This came up later in marriage counseling. For her and her husband, and then on a second occasion. When she brought this up to the Washington Post tip line this spring when Brett Kevin was rumored to be one of the appointees or potentially the appointing for the supreme court. There was a letter involved as well. And at that time she didn't want to come forward game four at the end of last week when a credibility is being questioned. Do we know she's telling the truth? Now, we do not we know she passed a polygraph. We also know that this will be a hot topic today and tomorrow, and it should be the vote is scheduled for Thursday. The Republicans are desperate to get the vote in much more desperate than they were when they held the position open for the last year of the Obama White House. So this'll be a worthy of discussion for today tomorrow and beyond and we'll see where it goes from here. We'll talk about that later today next time magazine was sold over the weekend to Mark Ben and off or is it Benny off. I don't know Mark. But I know he's really rich. He's the guy that co founded Salesforce software company that teaches you how to sell his wife Lynn are said to be worth one hundred ninety million dollars. No, I'm sorry. That's what they paid for. He's worth billions. Hundred ninety million for time magazine. That's a good price. I don't know what the impact of time magazine is anymore. I know we go Gaga about who gets on the cover and things. I'm not sure I mean that thing had seen better days in terms of. I mean, just the printed pry orders so small I still subscribe to three or four magazines. Just because I feel like they could use the help. Here generous what I just think time magazines has Sports Illustrated. Forbes Forbes, I forgot what I subscribe to Inc. There's three or four or five magazines that I'm trying to help pay for at least a couple of salaries at the maga-. I have a couple two, and that's mainly to keep my recycling company in business. It's not the line. You're puppies. Just for the recycling company. You gotta get the people got to get the next actually people is one of them too. Yeah. Former line cornerback vantera Davis is making news this morning because apparently things are so miserable in buffalo. He had to get out. He retired at halftime literally left the game and refused to come back out said he's done coaches said, well, we gotta go out there. But we talk about this later, and then he left the stadium. I've never seen it. I've never heard of that happening. That afterwards that he has had a lot of physical challenges and health challenges and it just hit him square in the face yesterday that he was through. Now, I couldn't tell the coaching staff. I can't go back in. I'm not up to it. And then retire after the game. I'm not sure, but. Don't another winter's coming in buffalo. Dave, and maybe it was just time to go. He he had a terrific career is a first round pick played for round, circuit, Illinois. And but he said he's been through multiple surgeries many different injuries. Hit reality hit him on the field yesterday during the game that he should be out there anymore. So he took himself out still away. I couldn't wait a half an hour and his teammates some of his teammates. Even though he says, he meant no disrespect. They did take you not take that disrespect. How do you not take offence? If you're playing in a I don't want to be with the team right now. Yeah. Really if you look at buffalo, you kind of get it very very bad. Probably envious. Well, maybe I should leave being bullied or something. Aging corner, right? Yeah. Said it was over. Next. Elliot kept Yogi of Kenya. Won the Berlin marathon and set a record world record time was two hours one minute and thirty nine seconds. There's somebody somebody will break the two hour, Mark. But I believe that is about four twenty mile four twenty five somewhere in there for twenty seven miles has insane. That's great. That's another job ally. Man, and could do it could be a marathon runner more fit for that the previous record was more than a minute slower than that. But that's not the big story for runners over the weekend. Big story. Everybody's talking about it is that Pete Zimmerman ran a half marathon to support his wife who had trained for this for a while. Right. Yes. She ran a full marathon. And so I just went with her interest decided to run thirteen point one full marathon the FOX valley marathon. Okay. So where was the half marathon same? It was the same. Oh, so you could just say. Go halfway through you when I've done out organizer, you just jogging along. It was organized. So you knew where the halfway point why? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. She did. Okay. I mean, I think she did great. But she was trying to qualify for Boston. Okay. But it was like one hundred degrees. And it was crazy. Terribly humid, she Mr. Mark by just a little bit. So ultimately, I think she was disappointed, but still a champion. She's running again in three weeks though in my book under Scott Goldberg. It'll be cooler. She'll qualify. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. She held up for hours is that the deal for for Boston. Well, it depends on your age. And I think her where she's very young she. Yes, she is she'll be actually she'll be forty next year. And the time goes down five minutes. So she's very excited about like, she'll have to do less. When Chicago comes along you my age. You could drive it. They'll take. Remember that the prankster in the eighties who just kind of got into the Boston marathon like halfway three quarters and want it. She could do that. What was your name? The woman that Rosie rosy rosy, ruby. Rosie Ruiz who got in a cab road to a point about. What was it a mile and a half of the Anderson? Something like that out of the cab ran the rest of the just an option for Molly put it out there. And then she'd do a lot of training. But that's always an option the old Rosie Ries. Well, how are you, sir? I feel fine. My wife, she's a wonderful person. And she she bought me a new apple watch. I can talk to you about buying up getting an apple watch for a long time. Right. And but I just like couldn't pull the trigger too expensive. I want it. But I want something to track my miles as I'm working out. So she surprised me like bought me an apple watch. So I was like, oh, this is great forgot to turn it on. Well, the lottery rented this morning. Mileage..

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