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The city is the names of all forty nine victims were read Louis loading on. Antonio devan reams of people have been visiting the memorial fat is pulse Calvin, he lost several friends, my friends, use my friends Stanley, a few others that I knew some people have come from other parts of Florida. Some have come from other states. View on. Seen all this. Tony Marino, ABC news, Orlando, Florida struck by lightning yesterday in Broward County and Pembroke pines. He's in the ICU. It's suffered cardiac arrest, be careful more storms likely this afternoon. We are coming after you with every outs of resource that we have that is Tommy county sheriff Rick Bradshaw, targeting neighborhood terrace following the arrests. A fourteen gang members best Gators, say, the gang members have been responsible for murder attempted murder robbery, arson narcotics aggravated assault racketeering, and conspiracy to commit racketeering, because we're gonna take these little terrorists out of these neighborhoods and quit. Let them do what they do to oppress, the people in their communities. Among the suspects are several members of revere beach gang identified by the sheriff's office as the firehouse click operation powerhouse, exercise, preparing more, south Florida law enforcement agencies for acts of terrorism officers from across south Florida came together for anti-terrorism. Trading at port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale yesterday. They participated in exercises that are designed to keep communities safe in the case of a terror attack. The training included simulations and drills to keep law enforcement prepared for situations. They pray will never happen. Stephen Diener news talk, eight fifty W, F, T, L sentence. And the college cheating scandal is resulting in no prison time. John van damore walked out of federal court facing, no prison time, former head coach of the Stanford University sailing team instead sentence to one day behind bars time, sir. Two years probation and a ten thousand dollar five so van Amir did not pocket the more than six hundred thousand dollars in bribes from the admitted mastermind of the cheating scandal. Instead, he gave the money to the Stanford sailing program, and they say, that's why he did not get any jail time hit the first contestant with autism would be competing in miss Florida later this month. Rachel Barcelona is a college student from Tampa. She says her disability doesn't affect her negatively implants, judges. She's capable of inspire. People in holding the title. I'll have the pleasure of interviewing Rachel Barcelona tomorrow morning at ten thirty five. When I fill in for Joyce Kaufman. You don't wanna miss that, a fifty wwl news time is.

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