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Want. And obviously the Clinton people say, well, he would have adult these attacks against him that already had these attacks against her, but they had landed on her and she was carrying baggage, and it really hurt her with independent voters in general election as you know, that's that's. That's a big, you know, what are you going to tell independent voters who have fixed notion of you from decades that's going to change their mind? Right. When you start with high negatives with independent voters? I, it's, it's a real challenge. There are, you know, everybody has their view in hindsight, there people who are close to her who say you guys cost her the general because the primary was so vital bre tive so difficult so lane, th-they so costly. I know you guys were helpful to her in the general as you point out, you work with them in the general, but what do you say to that? Yeah, I think that that is just one hundred percent wrong frankly. I mean, if you look at, if you look at. The tone and tenor of that twenty sixteen race compared to two thousand eight. It was a much tamer exchange than in two thousand eight frankly. And you know, I always look back to actually believe in long primary had actually benefits. Democrats media only likes to cover conflict and soon as the conflict resume coverage in two thousand eight. We absolutely mean we wanted to end early, right? Nobody really wants to go through a long primary. I came to believe that people wanted to see Obama run the full course right because he was a young guy and not would not a lot of Washington experience, so they were testing him, but it also is true that from an organizational standpoint, having a run races and fifty states, yes, created, you know, mow it forward momentum in those states and organization. So in that was good and in the race dominated, you know, McCain, John McCain was the candidate in two thousand. After the problem couldn't break into the story because everyone is focused on the democratic race. Well, and you look at two thousand four when Edwards leaves the race in April, like the cover media coverage of Kerry just goes away until the convention. And then the next always being swift boated in August. Meanwhile, the Republican ministration was on, I was on the hill, then they would try out a cabinet secretary or high level governor official literally on the hour and dominate the news for the entire Carey could not break through, but that was because the primaries over the quote, unquote conflict was gone in the media went away. I guess the essence of the the, the suggestion they're making some of the themes that you guys developed against her in the primaries became themes that Trump picked up on an infect Trump loved to quote, Bernie Sanders against her mischievous I guess that's benign way of saying. Has that is that is, but so there is that you guys opened up some wounds that were that were hard to to heal. I'm not sure that those wounds weren't there before the campaign started. I mean, as I pointed out, you know, independent voters difficulty with Hillary Clinton before the campaign was even engaged, and it was largely on the issue of trustworthiness. That was something they came to the election. That was something that was created by our campaign, and frankly they have I, you know, I there moments when you talk to when bef- you had many debates. Some were pretty there was some pretty sharp exchange. New York was probably the stress I, I remember it well, we were on the. We were on the ropes we had to do well in New York. And what kind of conversations did you have about how far he was willing to go? Yeah, he was, you know, so friends too. You know, he did not go after the foundation, right. That would been clearly something that somebody could have gone after he didn't wanna go there. You member? He famously said at the November at the Las Vegas, I hire the damn emails point being it's dominating the conversation. Let's talk about. He wanted to talk about single payer healthcare. He wanted to talk about the fifteen minimum wage climate change. You wanted to talk about these issues and probably though was a very big moment for him when he said that wasn't it?.

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