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Things to say of vague review 505 am on around 540 something like that will woman card enough but he confirmed you heard katy albert mella with remain aaron that anymore but him breen fly by the rumors are forty in melo going out the door of youth o'day faith i will believe it when it a done deal because many moving part involved moving pieces too many theme too many ego the my in my mind as they i don't want this guy but i want that guy and apples the braga the whole thing but he they've gummy well i don't have banned in new york city opium good every get closer close to your weekend and we'll get closer closely what happens would would melo i don't i've always thought he wasn't going anywhere because of his contract is so at kicker and he had no trade contracts closet his contract and if if phil gay i'm wondering if if belo how did that worked at melo thing you know what i wanna trade in and filth it's your phil citizen uh now not giving though trade contract but then when you have that power you you have to take advantage of because maybe carmelo is playing for orlando right now he's a free agent of or or or your wants to be traded or maybe plane for a memphis someplace he absolutely positively doesn't want to be now estranged wife said you've got the east coast member of boston was was a landing point at one point and cleveland well houston's a little to the left the new york i guess it's going out that way but he's them is though state tax though it would it would mean get a kicker and left activity money not bad right i don't know if it makes him any better those are closed the gap on on the warriors and i don't think so it's and i'm still confused the.

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