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A shrink. Ray yeah they just like not physically move to still frame. And it's almost like monty python as mcadoo wanted him to like cut back and forth to like spiderman lowering and him getting smaller just wanted cut back pulls it back up a little bit about it was about fucking with them he can in this dimension. He's like fuck it. It's not my jona hashtag. Not my joe. Joan hashtag jona so the one thing that i kind of don't like about this episode is the fact that the goblins keep on confusing our spiderman for spider conway jr. It's that classic cartoon thing where it's like. Oh like even in movies like oh. I don't see the difference here. Even those your fucking obvious difference. Sure one has a mouth that's And all one has it all this bread loop hand and has all this break you in has a different voice like it's very close. I kind of expect it to be like. Oh yeah my donald ganger here. We look exactly alike. Roll your face just even says here. He sounds like me does he. Coastal voice sounds. Like i feel like a lot of these things are like written and then the boys address do it but like it's before the drawings are done before the the all the voice affects have been put on there so they don't really know that it's not actually going to look or sound like him at all it just sounds like spiderman doing a carnage impression. Which is pretty much exactly what you want. It's both but then also the cost. You is very similar to the gas. It's like technically. The ben reilly costumes scarlet spider costume from the nineties. But like it's a pretty cool with external web shooters and like the blue pants and the spider kind of goes up to the shoulder. Biter better of my favorite costumes for sure. I like actually like the spider cottages like google on his legs. It kind of gives dimension to the suit like. I don't wanna say ribbed that makes it ribbed but it does are got enough. I want to say this. But i will just go to do it. No matter what guys we can say that clearly the symbicort has emerged completely with this. Peter parker because he says i instead of we think about that. They bring that up later too. Yeah so they're in I just wanna put everybody put your hands together. Further return appearance of the air conditioning. Vent barbara spiderman scurvy mysterious cameo in this episode. He just turns back like hey we get we get the stereo a cameo and we get somebody saying the name of the episode. So i guess and we'll take a drink of your shitty beers you see. Yeah that doesn't really happen very often. They say the name of the episode. Don't you remember that one. When eddie brock was like my apartment my apartment the alien cost. You bought three pretty sure that happen. Just like oh my god. I never thought i'd see partners. Endangered chapter eight. The return of the green goblin doctor. Octopus is armed and dangerous. Oh mary jane's been acting pretty weird. I sure hope this isn't partners. Endanger chapter nine to haunting of marriage. Eight god forbid. I mean to be fair. They did say guilty a lot. And then the guilty episode and the cat allotted the cabinet the suits and the black cadillac and the black cat. Oh my god murray bench. Is this the return of hydrogen to Hoped from this and here. We go showing that. The hero is in danger without showing any blood. He's a super kite and episode yourself. Then you give me time stamps. And i'll let vero edit episode are are fucking like magnus oldest magnetism isn't it magnus. So this is why this is what we're talking about. It's our fucking beethoven's sixth. It's me behind the wheel. Save beethoven's second and because only because you were thinking about the movie it turns spiderman osas escaped old madame web and the beyond but reveals that in this reality the powers of the beyond our weakened and spider man will need to fight without him but not alone were introduced to a spider verse of spivey's one with an iron man suit. The scarlet spider. Six arm spidey doc ock arms at one with no power at all all spiderman from different universes and all laying claim to the name spiderman. It's the most i've ever said spiderman. What those when spiderman teleport's back and the beyond her passes out the line read is just the same level as an audit may. He's just like yonder. No fluttering beyond. Yeah i'm spending so much time with them. I guess he's built a relationship a report madame web. Those under the bus. She's like you. All week is very weak. I may not look like much. But this old crone still got that weap- and he crawls over to her on all four way like yeah and she's just like they're they're he's a their relationship is unclear. But this is taken me. And my companion madame web just clarify so far though. I am loving the plotline for this episode. I it really shakes up with that opener. And then there's establishes a huge threat. And now it. Why madame web. And the beyond her can't solve all the problems themselves which is very important to me. I love a quality thought out plots like that. They probably good to skimp on it if they really wanted to. And and gotten away with episode. But they don't which i appreciate everybody's gonna ask why this inter dimensional beings that can move through time and space. I can't just fix the problems. And it's a very reasonable explanation is like this isn't where we're from. This isn't our reality so we don't have power here. Why do you need to go and contact beyond her of that reality. Maybe there isn't one here. I think he's from his own reality. That doesn't even have an earth. He's one in a million so going through all the spider-man's there it's like. Oh they're scarlet spider. Oh it's armored spiderman. Oh my god. There's duck spider man. They're all here. Kevin what do you think.

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