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Two thousand dollar limit on donating individually to show another words Schumer took thousands from Jeffrey Epstein thousands and now of course he previously donated fourteen thousand two hundred dollars the amount donated to his campaign spike you sexual predator Harvey Weinstein to several charities so Schumer's taken money from one scene he's taken money from abstain all the stains Frankenstein Frankenstein Schumer takes money from all kinds of sexual predators perverts I seem to recall the also defended bill Jefferson Clinton BJ bill Jefferson Clinton he took money in he supported BJ Clinton so that's three strikes I'll give you a four I told you the other day Anthony Weiner Anthony Weiner once worked for Schumer so Schumer and winner Bentley Schumer like the winner at the time the I don't believe he likes winner now but at the time he he was a big fan of winners he was he was a a a mentor winner and as I understand a winner learned everything he knew from show so winner abstain winds thing in Schumer to ladies and gentlemen I'm calling a Chuck Schumer to resign because apparently is very very very poor judgment I don't care how much a month this money he's given out of charity he's all well I don't know what he all sexual predators up if he if I may say let's see who else who else is that we have a democratic Congress woman from the Virgin Islands she took money from Jeffrey Epstein Jeez I'm not giving it back now all of a sudden all donate my money to charity okay anybody else yeah I Q. sex trafficker abstaining supported many Boston area causes several at Harvard Hillsdale college now Grove city now have it can you imagine that I'm sure NBC that went to great lengths to dig in the background image McConnell going to great lengths to dig into the all the contributions abstain gave almost all the Democrats and Democrat causes I'm sure all the media dump a jumping into looking into this again I'm not prepared to pass judgment on labor secretary Costa I don't have all the facts he did his press conference today made the case time will tell I don't know for me it just seems like thirteen months within four months half the time in prison half the time not you know the that seems like an awfully light sense and if they're a bunch of bureaucrats it signed off on it me personally I would have reversed them I don't know all the details I don't know all the details but it's amazing how the Democrats are trying to turn this into a trump administration scandal now this is on them this is their donor this is there a guy this is their billionaire the palm peach Liberal Democrat diner spreading is money around that's the abstinence story we'll see what else comes out I'll be right back van you know our nation's oldest colleges were founded to teach students to seek truth recognize what's beautiful and hold up what is good but the vast majority of them have abandoned their missions locked in the grip of political correctness they no longer allow.

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