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Healthy discotheque could be channelled into d creative outlay of nonviolent direct action and now this approach is being termed extremist so the question is not whether we will be extremists but what kind of extremists will we be we be the extremists for the preservation of injustice who were for the extension of justice yeah do not normal circumstances and you don't need us to explain to you the reasons why there wasn't a protest right now who wants to have the conversation we will not be divided by this we got a group of men in near minute come from different socioeconomic backgrounds racist creed at necessities of religions debts football plenty of fad is the fence between players and the players coalition napping malcolm jenkins and also aircrane the whole conversation is centered around the form of protest at players are choosing to engage in that cohen capper and extorted it's not about unity it's about inequality the message was not the protest the message according to players was one of judicial and law enforcement reform the nfl has proposed partnering with players to effect social justice improvement offering almost one hundred million dollars to find it odd that they feel are critical to african american communities there has been some movement on this issue when you go back and think about where this was just two years ago who play jan from the veteran's group amvets with the hashtag please stand stanbic the nfl refused at groups thirty thousand dollar by because the league says the super bowl program is no place for a political statement trying to focus in on things that help us grow and develop and the things that tear people down divide us.

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