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The optimism is nearly as there. But i mean i see sort of another preseason where can nation is optimistic and pretty much every other. Nhl market doesn't think much of their team fair. It's it's the. It's the big splash thing right. You know they went out. They obviously made a big trade Picked up obviously the high profile named alva rex. and let's not sleep on connor garland. But it's still a bet on ecm larson being better than he's been in recent years i don't think they're trading for norris trophy defenseman but they're they're they're trading for player they believe can be better. It's a big bet right but it's splashy it's a name has been talked about for awhile. overhauling i mean overhauling. If you will the defense if you wanna call it that but at the same time you know tucker pullman travis hammock are going to be asked to do a lot more than i think is really what they're capable of that to me in. The end is going to be where the bulk of the story. The season lies. I mean along with ken thatcher. Damn co keep it keep going. I mean you had you had a pretty good rookie season. Not an amazing rookie. Season had a really good stretch but some really bad stretches this past season came. He put it all together. Be that consistent guy. You know fifty five sixty nights this year Does your whole still have what they need from your to be that solid backup goaltender. I mean that's been a story here for for so long with the exception really. I suppose the cory schneider years and and you know briefly. I guess you know various points. When eddie lack had a good run vine ryan miller when jacob from i showed up i suppose but really the you know the the struggles of the backup. Goalie was such a story for so long here You know you wonder if that'll be back and they should be able to to score in bunches but at the same time. There's a lot of pressure on that defense and you know. I think the outside view is that you know to go back to your point. This defense isn't good. Nothing even with Hughes returning to some of the form he had they're going to have some challenges Which we saw plenty of last year. This was not a good defense team last year. Obviously the mix is a bit different But let's not forget that even in nineteen twenty when they were sort of lauded for improving playing up tempo hockey. They weren't great in their own end. Either i'm really not looking forward to the analysis of all ackman larson all season long because the minute us criticize him once this year be like guys never gave him a chance. I am not looking for the case. guarantee you. it'll be. I mean if you're talking about pointing out a mistake on opening night in a win yeah sure but you know i i think you know if it becomes clear that he's not the guy he used to be. I mean i think he's a very intelligent fan base..

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