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Of stealing more than a hundred thousand dollars from the Hyde Park school system before leaving work at a different school system should be ported Lee at a breach of the school's finances Kathleen Adam and Clara apparently was using her personal credit card because she gets a bonus points or stuff like that would be a charge something's up and then turn the receipts into the school system and say these were school things and get paid for that and over the course of four five years accumulated a hundred thousand dollars worth of funds from this school district now she's been arrested obviously but my gosh what can a low person steals from the school systems that are already having a hard time being funded paying for school teachers in the getting things done I've heard worse knows there's a lot of people out there who will take advantage of any scam they can get their hands on so there's one I was trying to remember maybe later I'll bring it up but or something very similar happened a school sizzling was a bookkeeper somebody that just scanned about a bunch of money eventually two or three years down the road they figured it out but I'm off to go back to that one Africa now she said the that she carefully concealed all this kind of stuff and what I found kind of interesting was later they said yeah we uncovered in through an audit then it wasn't all that much money so it's a you know like a hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money yeah no I think that's a lot of that we were talking about the parents are suing the Texas chili parlor the claim is that the restaurant over serve their daughter too many drinks that she got on a bicycle and headed down the MLK and then was hit head on by a car and when you come and talk about you know so what is the responsibility of a restaurant or a bar and obviously you know if if they can tell somebody is really intoxicated they should cut him off sure and then what well generally speaking they shouldn't over serve someone that they knowingly is one of the note was over the limit or no this is not in control of their faculties right and so they have to go through training another bartenders and everybody through training to try and identify that but it's not easy no it's not what I know some people could just sit there saying absolutely nothing and be bombed right I mean you need other people or boisterous anyway exactly the boisterous articulate maybe after you know half a Margarita already feeling good they're all over the board because there or you know I tell you appetites on a lot but my point is Boris symbiosis sits there like a lump on a log and they're drinking and shows no emotion at all and they're out of the Rhine so should there be a drink limit Hey you can only have to drink cities bar well that's the other thing too is a lot of times people bar hopping they'll say will the bartender didn't know this person already had three drinks somewhere else that I had one this establishment he's already hammered so it gets to your drank even before that you know yeah and the house exactly well sure they're not gonna interview people in as a walk in and it's a lot of we have to have a breathalyzer as you come into a pharmacy go out well they're gonna you know no one's going to do that of course but it it's it's it it's a rule of reason of course and when you got a bunch of people getting hammered hang around mourners witnesses everyone's can tell somebody's drunken the bartender knows me the real issue comes in to me that a large issue is what should the bartender knew what he knew or should have known about where that is that person driving they have a ride to the not I mean well the interview everybody had walked out of the bar and walked into the street got hit by a car while in there you go that's why goes back to the unit you shouldn't over server somebody knowingly over Sir somebody knows already drinking too much and there's a huge judgment call there because as you said forget the driving one of the just stumble out fall down to get killed right there in the street I mean at what point is the bar supposed be responsible for that that's a university building I think we talked about this a bit earlier that in most cases most negligence cases he's a dram shop cases because of the dram shop a bar you have to prove proximate cause and typically proximate causes you have to prove that the the action of the of the defendant was not only the cause in fact that they gave you alcohol but what you did what happened was foreseeable to them okay as a bar owner would you think putting cameras up everywhere would be a good thing or not a game I've seen that cut both ways yeah sometimes you know the seems like we said give you that should that be a law well we had a have cameras everywhere so what if this happens we can help well interesting result about this the other day about how the whole world almost on camera away yeah but at the end of the day depending what side of the fence is on your own you may or may not want those cameras right in the right numbers may you know implicate you later on one way or the other yeah so that's the catch twenty two on your public policy and what do you want to have cameras because I can cut again she later on and then going back and saying oops let's go delete all those videos that doesn't go over later on see that doesn't go over well in court later on water slowly adding other yes okay the back that'll be used against you so judgment call their but at the end of the day of the best you can do and and the best of the bars can do is fall the Texas alcoholic beverage code and put the bartenders to certain training away not because it gives them a safe harbor from getting hit for certain damages could you train your people that if your people don't follow it at least you've done the best you can to protect yourself okay so if I understand the law and so far the parents are suing the Texas chili parlor it doesn't mention the particular bartender right are the are the server but they could go after that person right see the individual to do generally speaking you can I've looked at the drums of cases a long time but generally speaking you can sue a tort these are individually he tore fees are being the person who committed toward and whoever that is recursive level for them yeah you can join us eight three six zero five nine or toll free eight seven seven five nine okay all we do is go out to the phones and Christy here on Kelly J. this morning hello hi I'm and I'm a family law attorney and I would look.

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