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You have to have a good product that people are going to wanna watch because you can go EP factory of the stadium or you can go pink factor appeal factory. You know what I mean? So it doesn't matter. I'm not gonna go to Marlins park just to eat bean show factory because I can do that factory. And I don't have to pay for the name of the stadium. Honestly, I wanted to be insured Mitchell park. I know what you mean. It's hard for franchise to survive in terms of fiscally. It's hard for them to survive in the face of twenty years of losing or a really long sustained period. The Marlins actually haven't had twenty years of losing. There were quite all right in the mid two thousand but they had their other issues. But when I was interning for the Panthers during a lockout, Michael your Mark was turning stuff over and selling things like crazy. You can't have just bad s sales people. I mean look at look at seven ninety survived. I mean, su- God's was taking all sorts of deals even though like early on it probably shouldn't have. So there there are ways around it and Bauer certainly looked the part. I can't wait for David Samson and join us because I'm sure you know, some sort of inside information on what's happened here. And he wouldn't be he won't hesitate at all to tell us. He's he's definitely the fair. One to talk on this. And also ask them what what what the deal is with Michael hill. Because I mean, he didn't he do these trades? Who wasn't any do the Brinson deal? Who was it? Was it David Samson made the joke that he had pictures? Didn't we ask somebody about wise, Michael hill still there? He must have pictures. Wasn't that the joke? Someone may not real though. Oh, it's a joke. But that's like the his point was is. I have no idea. Why is there? It's baffling. It is baffling given that, you know, this organization had I mean kids have executives called Larry buying fest. Uncle Larry like he was family to that team. And they got rid of it would happen. The Larry by says what happened to Larry festive? What had happened to Randy fund? Yeah. What happened rainy fund? I think I think Randy fund didn't want to be working with Riley anymore. Because there was there were some issues over not having any real power by festival. So I think what it is. But I I have not talked. I've literally just overheard that in a couple of places I haven't confirmed that please try to find out what had happened to Randy fund in Michael. And Michael Hill's defense, though, this team has had acquired drafted talent throughout the years. It's not like a hundred and sixty two draft rounds. I I'd hope to God that was saying some Mike Michael hill is not like terrible at evaluating talent that we just haven't been able to keep any aren't these trades port of evaluating who knows who's really making all the decisions on these traits. Well, that's the thing. We're sort of puzzled as soo- who's making the decision. So it really makes it difficult to blame somebody. So I guess when they fire Michael hill as a as a sort of sacrifice to the masses. Then I guess we'll just play Michael hill. We'll take the word for or could it be that the very beginning. This. They told Jeter, hey, you should keep someone around to be a fog like what's more realistic of the two things. I just said that they actually respect it. Look, it might not have been pretty here throughout the years. But this guy knows and can evaluate talent or jeeter. You're going to need a fog. I if it has to be one of those two things I imagine that being like the closed door meetings at Loria and Samson had would Geeta were Jeter s so any sort of advice for me on the way out. Yeah, you're gonna need a fall guy. In fact, you're going to need several I loved that around. I love that as his business card instead of, you know, general manager president, just Michael hill. Fall got twenty seventeen July twenty seventeen he got a contract extension through twenty twenty. So I mean,.

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