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Ago. He asked viewers on his podcast or something to come up with a a new name for him and they voted on change your name to macaulay macaulay culkin kokin well. That's what it says on wicca pedia page entry now as his official no name so i guess he fishery changed that or well someone. I don't know it's funny now. Look at this his his birth name is mccully like carson kalkin. His kurt name is macaulay macaulay culkin. Let's go see i was wondering that because shaw on jimmy fallon and he was talking about that okay okay so he's aware of it and it's interesting that he's kind of back out in the open again just for about twenty years. He just disappeared right away. I think he got married and i don't think he still is. I think he got married pretty young and i think they're divorced since but and then he just went to france and he was just hanging out in europe just hangs out you know he's he made many many millions of dollars and just retired and that's not a new man all of them wouldn't that be nice. Get early and check out and then you just do the things you wanna. Do you feel like doing. I'm like have fun like he's doing yeah or like do this because it's fun and we love it not because you have to be great takes all of the stress out of it triple eight nine hundred hundred thirty three ninety three also at pat unleashed on twitter. Do we talk about this a gel player the former number one pick in in the nineteen eighty six and n._h._l. Draft. I think it was joe murphy. Who's homeless member that i didn't we lay video or uh he he is the n._h._l. Like old timers committee went up to help him in ontario because the guy you know oh you made thirteen million dollars in his career and now he's homeless. He's just off. You know he's mentally ill. People people can communicate with a mini. Sometimes he sounds pretty cognitive. What's going on around him and then other times. He's a little bit out of it and <hes> <hes> so some of his friends from the n._h._l. Went up and got him a place and put him into a an extended. Stay hotel and the n._h._l. Actually paid for it trying to get him off. The street is back out on the street again. Issues a lot really sad and what do you do for the guy they put him in the put him minna a mental institution for a while but they couldn't keep him there forever because you can't keep people against their will forever and i just this is like with the gun gun discussion. What do you do with people who are mentally unstable..

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