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Executive producer jordan peele troisi more than is back in a new tv series that the new york times goes a gritty funny comedy fifteen years in prison stone tiffany haddish the entertainer you've just go wait for you to discover you got lunch with another man bouncy house don't miss drinks organs return to tv second chances are beautiful thing but last oji tuesday's ten thirty nine thirty central only on tbs all right let's have some fun because later in the week we're going to grade everyone's drafts i know you guys are going to be doing a lot on stick the football friday as well but we're going to do this where we're going to predict early way too early offensive rookie of the year defensive rookie of the year and then we'll give each of our fantasy sleepers we have not told each other yet what are pixar for each so i want to crack down six full of friday i'm done talking football does it's going to be a hockey baseball beer podcast on wednesday august mecca can take like a month off of talking about football i would love that we have to great the tra half to that i want to take some okay to the point where people would be like hey would you please stick to football well so we made a little rule here we said offensive rookie of the year you can't pick saquon barkley defensive rookie of the year you can't pick bradley chubb so i went a little dark horse here and i said kerryon johnson frauds offensive or listen matt you said it on the show that this is team of an identity power blocking they got themselves frank rag no they got themselves the fullback nick bowden from san diego state should have been dimitri fireworks be it should have been who's now at the jets listen i love what the lines are going to do in the run game i think karen john that's going to be a gigantic part of it and i i wouldn't be shocked out of these rounds you guys for rookie year potential on offense i think he's got a chance i like it mellow you wanna go go with my guy my second love love what he can do with the ball i know he can't block but offensive rookie of the year doesn't matter if you can block or block.

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