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Three 8 7 two the Dan Bon Geno show So after what I told you in the last two and a half hours about well Ben hour or so the two and a half hours of the show I was talking about Hillary Clinton the Obama administration their role in not only the uranium one the transfer of uranium assets to foreign control which can obviously be used in a nuclear weapon But Hillary Clinton's role in the promotion of a Russian technology project that stole our technology to create hypersonic weapons Russia and China to then kill us with they now tested successfully China hypersonic weapon We have no known defense for And they can put a nuclear tip on there to wipe out American cities You know you would think the media would be all over this story Oh my gosh bunch you know it's right Hillary Clinton promoted this coca co project Our Intel people knew this was a technology transfer grift that the Russians were stealing our stuff to build these weapons to kill us But the media doesn't have any interest in that The media is only jump They're only only job Listen up and even not everyone in the media But definitely the hacks at CNN The Washington Post New York Times you know the whole cast of characters in the Motley crew right Their job now is to now that we have conclusive evidence Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton colluded with the Russians to assist them in creating weapons That can potentially kill us right Their goal now is to make sure that the Trump collusion fairytale gets regurgitated and thrown up again all over the media people so they have a distraction mechanism Look squirrel that's why Christopher Steele has made a reappearance with conveniently a Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos Queue up for me cut three gym Here's stephanopoulos trying to restore credibility to the fully discredited Christopher Steele purveyor of the dossier and pee pee tape hoax I want you to listen to how steel Here's a headline before we get there from the independent Christopher Steele defense Trump dossier and says they compromise the PPK probably exists The tape doesn't exist folks There's no pee pee tape There's no pee pee tape Listen to me There is no pee pee tape I promise you someone would be a right now if they had to pee pee There's no pee pee If you know Donald Trump he is a germaphobe He puts more alcohol on his hands than any human being on Planet Earth The guy is not gonna let any Russian prostitute pee on him If you knew that you were a media type you'd know there's no pee pee tape Here is Christopher Steele hilariously trying to resuscitate the pee pee tape Again with George Stephanopoulos I step on up let's check this out You.

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