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When her uncle Derrick bird took action this is next door neighbor Lydia marrano is pretty amazing maybe he should be a fireman I don't know that's that's that's that's a lot of heart and a lot of courage on cable Johnson was also burned but she was treated and released grandfather Dave Nelson brother Brady were not heard they were able to rescue the cats that were trapped inside now comes the investigation into what happened firefighters don't believe it was fireworks related but they think something caught fire on the second floor is spread quickly completely guarding the house was not obviously heard after it was hit by a car in Mason County yesterday happened on highway one a one there was in no rush to leave the scene it was peering into car windows after troopers arrived and eventually wandered back in the war at three thirty four triple a traffic every ten minutes on the force let's check in with sue Romero yep it's just a little bit further Renton south on floral five as you make your way past I ninety come off and on down towards forty fourth in the Newcastle area we had an earlier stalled vehicle they're starting to see a slowdown in Tukwila north bound for all five as you approach the exit to the valley freeway if your north on I five in Snohomish county still quite heavy from before forty first ever that soda continues all the way up into merry still through Seattle that's a breeze don't even bother about it south on I five in the south and though still looks like a parking lot from highway eighteen in federal way heading south on I five it is stop and go all the way down to five and then it looks like kind of both directions of I. five between about mounts road and about lake water often on slowing as more people hit the road this afternoon traffic brought to you by lows now at Lowes get five bags of premium mulch for ten dollars valid in store only while supplies last US only excludes Alaska and Hawaii unix come across to get three forty four.

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