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Lindh but you originally from alabama i am yeah is there any chance of throw in in a little blake shelton their kelsea ballerini or maybe even kenny rogers in there i like rogers yeah no i didn't i didn't know releasing continues music because there's i i liked i'll be part and to i can think of it at all the pardon but i'm doing hamza christmas as well get to get him to alabama no you're not that large between fifteen to twenty horses is what it seems to be yeah yeah out at the main we have twenty horses and we'll probably gonna have about 25 and shortly say no it's not it's not that big and somewhere around eighty starts are sold this year give or take by comparison richard faw he has had 17 100 starts to lead the uk standings so what are your goals as a trainer well my go there are already figured in any winter popular irun mine day mcknight who when a classic and yet just to try to get the the absolute best suited today available and and get them winning the the best racist group one great great three races on yeah i i'd like to win a classic and i'd let me the navy have some miners in america as well in dubai and i feel like i'm on my way with re we're getting better and better horses in and my husband did that and he has a very good die and uh well it's obviously being.

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