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U. F. C. I guess it's good to have their first event a later on this evening now I'm not a U. S. C. guy at all well I just to me was always to brown I like boxing but the UFC two may be just around two bound never got a will but I think it's interesting to see sports start to come back or whatever sports take place take place under the current circumstances what's going on in the world and well I guess on paper view producer James you into the U. S. see all of you ever been in the U. S. C. at all I know all you producers are in this stuff they were are you I should maybe should love you all and we we don't want to see a whole in is yeah you won you young guys young guys are in this UFC stuff are you in a way that all the the UFC no not really like if there was if there was a star fighting like a McGregor or lousy I would watch or Brock Lesnar back in the day I would watch right now not so much so okay I mean either and I wouldn't even you know that's really watch Baghdad I know who those people are the mention but I would not watch them anyway but I guess paper view and there's not it's gonna be their first love events it's March fourteenth it's going to take place without a live audience like every you know like everything else so and then you already had so they start this car there said about getting back Dana white the president has kind of been bullish on this from the beginning trying to have the any said the events I think canceled along the way here but they're gonna have this one even with somebody testing positive yesterday one of the fighters on the card testing positive for covert he was a symptomatic but via after the tests the that's it so obviously he's out and that by won't be happening but the event I guess gonna go on a schedule I just be curious I don't care about the results I don't know who's fighting or anything about that but I'll be curious to see how old the van proceeds and how it goes on now I wouldn't pay a cent for not paying on paper view I guess they have the preliminary matches at six PM on ESPN but other than that you get a pay the main card begins at ten PM to get pay for that that to me is is a little bit but I would be curious to see how it proceeds and how you know in fact it does take place want any live sporting but at this point you curious how it goes on and how it's executed and and all that so all these keep an eye on that book look I think it's good at least at the event could take place and stick to the parameters and you're seeing an event that had somebody test positive on the court and not be shut down they just pull him but I'm assuming his opponent as well unless you would be fighting somebody else but I would assume the pull both those guys in and that's it yeah you go to you go all the quality event he saw something similar with the W. W. E. where they had one of the employees who at the time was not name but I think remains the same I think they said on air talent but not necessarily a performer in the ring but anyway somebody tested positive while back while they were still going on with their shows so it has happened here I think there will be view at least there's some precedent for that happening moving forward in case it happens with let's say hockey or basketball or baseball if and when they do resume eight five five two one.

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